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Tromso_holidays in norway


Bergin-Norway Best holiday destinations

Bergen is the second largest city in Bergin surrounded by seven mountains. Bergen is one of the best holiday destinations in Norway which impresses its visitor by scenic look, it is a must visit and best holiday destinations in Norway during your Norway trip. The city is famous for the lavish mountains, spectacular fjords, largest glaciers, Fish market, Hanseatic Wharf and the cultural events. Travel to Norway Bergen as the city has plenty to offer, spend your holidays in Norway visiting city’s famous pubs, historic museums, craft shops and art galleries. The main attraction of the town is the Bergen International Festival which held here every year. Walk on the narrow paved street and explore old buildings, shops, and modern tower blocks. Travel Norway as the city is full of Scandinavian treasure and stunning scenery, making it a vivacious and vibrant city.

Weather: 5°C to 16°C

Hotel Budget: 800-1700 NOK

Main Highlights

  • Bergen International Festival
  • Folgefonni Glacier
  • Hiking in Runemanen Mountain
  • Floibanen Funicular Railway

Must Visit Places

  • Bergen Museum of Cultural History
  • Bergen Aquarium
  • Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
  • Gallery Nygaten 7

Best Hotels to stay in Bergen, Norway

  • Hotel Park Bergen
  • Klosterhagen Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Thon Hotel Bristol


Oslo_Norway best travel site

You are planning to travel to Norway the capital of Norway, Oslo is one of the bustling and cultural cities. Oslo is now a major destination to travel Norway. Take a trip to Norway and enjoy incredible natural scenery surrounding for which the city is well-known. The destination is a perfect area for the adventure lovers, spend the whole day at trekking, boating, skiing, camping. Oslo the capital city of Norway is the best travel site due to its spectacular setting which mentions the wild marvels lying beyond the city. Travel to Norway and get a glimpse into the past visiting the Viking Ship Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park. If you are planning to have summer holidays in Norway do not miss the concerts including live music, rock festivals hosted by Oslo’s club every year in summer. The city offers everything the tourist want like stylish cafes, nightlife, and luxuriant background.

Weather: -3°C to 20°C

Hotel Budget: 900-1250 NOK

Main Highlights:

  • Arts & Crafts Fair
  • Oslo Book Festival
  • Botanical Garden

Must Visit Places

  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Munch Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • Oslo Opera House

Best Hotels to Stay in Oslo, Norway

  • Hotel Continental Oslo
  • Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo
  • Grand Hotel
  • Grims Grenka




Located on the northwest shore, Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway after Oslo and Bergen. Trondheim is an ideal destination for those who want to explore more about Norway’s history. It is just pleasurable to visit a lovely city with a long history. The place is one of the best holiday destinations in Norway to spend their holidays in Norway. Travel Norway as the visit will permit you to see several popular attractions. Starts exploring the city from Old Town Bridge then go after the rivers and parks. Also, visit the Archbishop’s Palace where you will discover the best museums in Norway. Music lovers should not miss visiting the Rockheim museum to get fun from instruments and have some rock n roll experience. The city of Trondheim including historical sites, cultural shows, and vigorous bars is one of the best travel sites for the visitors to spend their holidays in Norway.

Weather: 4°C to 26°C

Hotel Budget: 550-1350 NOK

Main highlights

  • Rock and pop in Rockheim museum
  • Swim in cozy beaches
  • Charm and relaxation
  • Fascinated destinations

Must visit places

  • Old Town Bridge
  • Archbishop’s Palace
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • Rockheim

Best Hotels to stay in Trondheim, Norway

  • Scandic Nidelven
  • Clarion Hotel
  • Britannia Hotel
  • Quality Hotel Panorama



Tromso_holidays in norway

Travel to Norway Tromso, the largest city in northern Norway where culture and nature go hand in hand. Tromso is considered as one of the best holiday destinations in Norway that have several activities to offer to tourists. Travel Norway Tromso and get leisure visiting worth museums, botanical garden and relish the beauty of its natural surroundings. Tromso is an ultimate destination for seeing the northern lights, as a result, many people visit Tromso to see the northern lights. The major attraction of Tromso is its location in the Arctic Circle, which is the greatest benefit of the city. If you are planning to spend cultural holidays in Norway, the city gets crowded with both International Film festival and Northern Light Festival which attracts the global visitors and make them travel Norway. Due to its seaside setting, Tromso has a mild weather. The city is also known for the restaurants and sparkling night scenes. Ride the cable car climbing the top of Mount Storsteinen for the stunning views of Tromso. To have some thrill head to the nearest mountains that offer picturesque amusement, skiing and hiking, fishing, kayaking whale safaris and dog sledding options.

Weather: -4°C to 15°C

Hotel Budget: 700-1300 NOK

Main Highlights

  • Cultural activities
  • Northern Light Festival
  • Lively night scenes
  • Cable car

Must Visit Places

  • Polaria
  • Tromso University Museum
  • Polar Museum
  • Tromso Alpinpark

Best Hotels to Stay in Tromso, Norway

  • Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromso
  • Quality Hotel Saga
  • Amalie Hotel
  • Scandic Ishavshotel



Stavanger_best holiday destinations

Stavanger, located in the southwest area of Norway is an ideal tourist destination and is a best holiday destinations in Norway. Travel to Norway, Stavanger the fourth largest city in Norway with history and ethnicity. It is one of the best travel sites in Norway having plenty of shops, exceptional restaurants, and perfect lodging. The city charms the tourists with its surroundings. Travel to Norway and make it a memorable destination visiting many of the museums, have fun watching striking architecture and scenic sea front. Stavanger invites the brilliant artists from all around the world to adorn the houses for Nuart Festival, every year. Travel to Norway, Stavanger that hosts the largest food festival in Scandinavia which attracts about 25000 tourists in every summer. Take a Norway trip to Stavanger, one of the best holiday destinations in Norway, and take a visit to its large collection of museums, explore about fish canning inheritance at The Norwegian Canning Museum and also stroll through Stavanger Art Museum. Don’t forget to have a break at Kongeparken for fun on a daily basis. This national park in Norway has lots of attractions together with the longest bobsled track. Many of the key attractions in the Stavanger are within the walking distance so it’s easy to explore the city on foot.

Weather: 2°C to 15°C

Hotel Budget: 900-1500 NOK

Main Highlights

  • Long sandy beaches
  • Nuart festival
  • Scandinavia food festival

Must visit places

  • Stavanger Museum
  • Mollebukta
  • Kongeparken
  • Stavanger Cathedral

Best Hotels to stay in Stavanger, Norway

  • Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
  • Myhregaarden Hotel
  • Thon Hotel Stavanger
  • Clarion Hotel Stavanger


Norwegian fjords in Norway

Norwegian fjords

Also there are some Norwegian fjords that surrounds the hills and mountains. Visit these Norwegian fjords which offers stunning sights and adventures both to the locals and foreigners. Visit Norway and travel some of the popular norway fjords that includes Nordfjord, Lysefjord, Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord, and Geirangerfjord which is one of the most visited Norwegian fjords. Plan to visit Norway as these Norwegian fjords are truly incredible that has its own exceptional beauty. take a Norway trip to get a memorable experience of the most beautiful Norwegian fjords.



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