Pay £237 Per Night in This Zero-Star Hotel Having No Walls & Roof

The Null Stern Hotel

The Null Stern is a Swiss Alps hotel founded in 2008 by artistic entrepreneur brothers, Frank and Patrik Riklin and business partner Daniel Charbonnier. Meant as no stars, Null Stern Hotel has no walls and no roof which allows panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

The Hotel Null Stern is a former nuclear bunker which is later converted into Hotel. The Nell Stern Swiss Hotel has no roof, walls, and washroom. This Swiss Alps Hotel is made of only a bed nestled into a crevice on a Swiss mountain with few nightstands and lamps.

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There is no Television, running water and other guests to worry about and are entirely open to the elements. The nearby public toilet is 10 minutes away from the Null Stern Hotel Swiss Alps.

Null Stern Hotel Pricing

Whereas other hotels endeavor for five, six or seven stars, this Swiss hotel pride itself as a ‘zero star’ hotel.

Guests are most welcomed here and are invited to sleep in the open air Swiss Alps hotel under the stars, which is located 6,463 feet above sea level in Appenzell at the top of Gobsi Mountain.

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Room service members of this Swissotel are dressed in bow ties, work boots and white gloves who deliver guest meals from breakfast and dinner in the bed.

Null Stern Hotel

The guest pays CFH 295 (£237) per night to stay here and immersed in nature.

The Null Stern Hotel Swiss Alps looks more like a film set than a hotel. This open-air Swiss Hotel has hundreds of people lined up to stay.

Null Stern Hotel Swiss Alps

Reservations for the Null Stern Swiss Alps Hotel can be canceled at short notice due to poor weather conditions, but there is a back-up chalet to reside here.

The Null Stern Swissotel

Nominated at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2009 for the best innovation of the year, The Null Stern Hotel was also ranked among the top 100 hotels in Europe in February 2010.

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In spite of having no walls, ceiling, toilet or in fact any facilities at all – however, the views more than makeup for it.

Hotel Null Stern

Even if the room is available every night between spring and autumn, the guests are warned before checking in that their booking can be canceled at the last minute due to bad weather in which case there’s a cabin they can stay in.


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