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The city of Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Referred as the Venice of North, the phenomenal archipelago of Scandinavia surrounds about 30,000 islands. It is one of the most wonderful cities in the world which is must for the visitors to Sweden travel. The city has the modern art, remarkable architecture, advanced structures are placed amid the streets of old town. Travel to Sweden in vacation and experience the bustling city center having various bars, restaurants, pleasant parks, and outside swimming areas. Spend your Swedish holidays visiting some great sites like Modern art Museums, Royal Palace, City Hall, Vasa Museum, Djurgarden and many other interesting places. The whole thing in Stockholm, parks, islands, and momentous houses is just so pictorial and beautiful which you should not miss while traveling to Sweden. The uniqueness of Stockholm is not only owing to its majestic landscape but also due to amazing climate and location. Plan Sweden travel in summer when Midsummer Festival is celebrated to get familiar with Swedish gastronomy and rituals or travel to Sweden in icy winters to get the opportunity to ice skate on any iced-up river. Stockholm presents an implausible arrangement of several options and experiences to its visitors.

Weather: -3°C to 19°C

Hotel Range: 700 SEK to 1250 SEK

Main Highlights:

  • Astonishing climate
  • Beautiful Islands
  • Idyllic parks
  • Punctual transport System

Must visit places in Sweden, Stockholm

  • Vasa Museum
  • Stolkhome Palace
  • Nordic Museum
  • Djurgarden

Best Hotels to Stay in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Hotel Birger Jarl
  • Victory hotel
  • Nordic Light Hotel
  • Elite Eiden Park Hotel



gothenburg- Sweden holidays

Located on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is the second largest city after Stockholm. The city houses several green parks of all sizes. Travel to Sweden, Gothenburg to see its different side which is more tranquil than any other city. You can leisurely stroll through the botanical garden, various museums and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the city while your Sweden Travel. Gothenburg also features plentiful music festival and the largest film festival in the region, throughout the year. Don’t miss to visit Gothenburg Archipelago where you will discover everything from contemporary cookery to freshly caught wonders. Also, take a visit to Sweden Gothenburg Museum of Art. If you are planning have fun and enjoy some festival in Sweden vacation then way out West music fest in August. Hotels and restaurants in this city are expensive so try to cook yourself when you can. Overall Gothenburg is a great city to explore and is an ideal location to spend your Swedish holidays.

Weather: 0°C to 18°C

Hotel Range: 65 SEK to 125SEK

Main Highlights

  • Numerous amusement parks
  • Museums
  • Music fest in middle of August
  • Film Festivals

Must Visit places

  • Liseberg
  • Gothenburg Botanical garden
  • Volvo Museum
  • Skansen Kronan

Best Hotels to stay

  • Elite Plaza Hotel
  • Gothia Towers Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel
  • Western Tidbloms Hotel


Uppsala_travel to Sweden

Located at the northern lean of Lake Malaren, Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. The city is home to the one of the oldest Uppsala University of Europe and also includes lovely green parks. Plan your Sweden travel and visit Uppsala you will merely love the site. The city is at its best in Sweden for sizzling and trendy nightlife. The main attractions that appeal the travelers of all ages include Burial Site and 11th Century cathedrals. Uppsala ha became a flourishing place and includes various new approachable attractions. Have benefit from excellent cuisine and lovely weather and stay in your comfort. The city has a long history and is studded with many historic sites. Head on during your Swedish vacation and visit Uppsala as there is something exciting at all the time.

Weather: -2°C to 17°C

Hotel Range: 250 SEK to 995 SEK

Main Highlights

  • Historical Sites
  • Uppsala University
  • Fyris River
  • Burial Site

Must Visit places

  • Skokloster Garden
  • Uppsala Castle
  • Linnaean Garden
  • Gamla Uppsala Museum

Best Hotels to stay in Uppsala, Sweden

  • Western Tidbloms Hotel
  • CityStay Uppsala
  • Hotell Fyrislund
  • Hotell Stella




Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden and is the best destination for Swedish holidays. The city brings together some old and some new cultures. The city of Malmo includes countryside medieval historic sites with modern and up to date buildings. Head to Sweden travel and spend your stress-free Sweden vacation leisurely in vivaciously mild weather. There are lots of things to do in Sweden Malmo, Visit the fabulous Old town, having three main plazas Stortoget, Gustav Adolfs Torg and Lilla Torg, and discover the Citadel Malmohus Slott. Also, take a visit to the Sweden’s must-see attraction, a masterwork Turning Torso. For your appetite, head towards the best-rated restaurants which will offer you a proper dining, and various other cuisines like proper Swedish Fika. The city is filled with classy design shops, divine panorama and appetizing food.

Weather: 0°C to 17°C

Hotel Range: 200 SEK to 700 SEK

Main Highlights

  • Historical Sites
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Fine Dining
  • Blendy green parks

Must Visit places

  • Turning Torso
  • Malmo Castle
  • Malmo Konsthall
  • Folkets Park

Best Hotels to stay in Malmo, Sweden

  • Clarion Collection Hotel
  • Comfort Hotel Malmo
  • Renaissance Malmo Hotel
  • Mayfair Hotel

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