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Seoul, the largest city, located on the Han River is the capital of Republic of Korea or South Korea. Seoul is the civilizing, factional and ethnic center of South Korea. There are wealth amusement and excitement options for the outsiders that Seoul has to offer such as cafes, cinema halls, museums, restaurants and flourishing art sectors. Seoul is also well-known for its shopping area. The formidable DMZ or Demilitarized Zone put forward the authoritative attraction that appeals the tourist for visiting. The village Heyri, close to it has fascinating sculpture and customs. There are some beautiful sights that include sandy beaches, rock-strewn mountains, and spectacular historical places in the Seoul. Some of the must visit Seoul attractions for those who are looking to travel to Korea are-



myeongdong-travel to korea

It is the most famous and a great place for the shopping. A variety of family restaurants, snack food, plus western, Korean and Japanese dining options are available in Myeongdong. It is a famous place where every person shops for famous Korean cosmetics products. It is opened from 10 am to 10 pm.


N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)

namsan tower-korea trip

Located at Mt. Namsan, N Seoul tower has been a landmark of Seoul. The tower presents vast extensive or wide view of the city. Every year millions of people visit Namsen tower. Several other attractions offered by South Korea like Namsan Park and Hanok village surrounds the Namsen Seoul tower.


Namiseom or Nami Island

nami island-korea travel

Nami Island is situated in the River Bukhangang, off the town of Gapyeong, in South Korea. The place Nami Island doesn’t have need of more introductions for the Korean drama lovers as it is the place where the hit shows and videos are filmed. In the vacations make sure to include the k-pop destination in your getaway when visiting korea.

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busan-travel to korea

Busan is a perfect destination if you are thinking to travel to Korea and want to do some shopping, visiting the sights and relax on the coast with some fruit shake. Busan is the second largest city in Korea. It is well known for its beaches and seafood also for Hallyosudo watercourse with scenic islands. The city Busan also has many sharp hills which form an extraordinary mix of oceans and mountains. Busan is the best destination for Korea trip. It is surrounded by Gyeongsangam-do but the directorial entity is divided by its own telephone region code. It is very simple and easy to reach Busan as the public transportation is very quick and proficient. The city has a rollicking seaport town with tons to offer to its visitors like high-speed internet, yummy seafood cookery, and marvelous shopping selection. The city is the great mix of Seoul’s lively and energetic vibe and Jeju’s peaceful atmosphere and stunning sub-tropical scenery.

Places to visit in Busan-


Yongdusan Park

yongdusan park-travel to korea

Yongdusan Park known for the Busan tower is one of the most popular parks in Busan. 120 meters high Busan tower presents the stunning view of Busan City especially at night time the view is magnificent. The ticket to go up to the tower is low-priced as a contrast to other countries. Also, world folk Museum of Musical Instrument is present here. The gukie market, Gwangbokro Shopping Street, BIFF square are the short distance away from the tower. The park is opened 24 hours a day and is a perfect place while you are traveling to Korea.


Gwangalli Beach

gwangallibeach-trip to korea

Gwangalli Beach at Busan, one of the best beaches in Korea is 1.4km long, 25~110m wide, and is prominent for its fine sand. Here various activities can be done during summer. You can get pleasure from the carnivals and performance like from cherry blossom tree festival and BusGan sea festival. The area has plenty to offer like lovely cafes and restaurants, Famous fashion brands store and etc that catch the attention of tourist throughout the year.


Beomeosa Temple

beomeosa_temple-korea travel

Beomeosa Temple is a famous temple in Busan located at the edge of Mt. Geumjeongsan. It was constructed in the 18th year by monk Ui Sang. It has a beautiful architecture and the location of Beomeosa temple is the world away from the inner-city jungle. Nearby, there are restaurants where delicious pajeon (traditional Korean pancake) are available. It is so peaceful and historic site in Busan.

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inchion-korea travel

Incheon is the Korea’s third largest city. The city houses entertainment, fashion, arts, nature, fashion and more of it. The city attracts the tourists by promoting the Korean Music festivals which take places once a year. Tourists can visit trendy shops in Bupyeong region. For the excitement of the city, a ferry trip to the close by island is a perfect option. Incheon has extremely trafficked international seaport and airport that makes it a city to travel effortlessly. Many great events occur here that the visitors and the Korean citizens can enjoy together. The city invites you to explore the most interesting areas, walk alongside the waterfront, eat Chinese food, and visit fish market at Yeonan from where you can grab ferries to islands or China.


Manisan Mountain

manisan mountain- travel to korea

Mansion Mountain is the highest mountain located on the Ganghawa-do-mountain range. The mountain is excellent for hiking. From the top of the mountain, West Sea and the nearby Gyeonggi area can be seen. There is a further attraction, Chamseongdan on the west side of Mansion Mountain. There are plenty of stunning panoramas near Chamseongdan. This is the place where Dangun gave sacrifices to the heaven.


Muuido Island

muuido-trip to korea

Muuido Island located in Jung-gu, Incheon is also known as Muui Island. The island is just off the shore of the Incheon international airport island. Various pleasant sandy beaches, fishing spots, hiking trails, and restaurants are present here. It is not very far away from the Incheon, Seoul, and many regions of South Korea. The two beaches Ssilmi beach and Hanage beach are famous in Muui Island. The island is fun to visit as family, group or a couple.


Songdo Central Park

Songdo Central Park-korea trip

Songdo Central Park is located at the Songdo District in Incheon. It is not too far from the city and is a very serene, quiet and pretty place for the visitors. This Central park is beautiful and offers tremendous water sports activities on its shipping canal. The various artworks that surround the inland waterway are the best part of the park. The park includes the Sculpture garden, terrace garden, Promenade, mountain strolling garden and these each and every part has its own characteristics.

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tongyeong-trip to korea

The coastal city Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do is referred as the Naples of Korea. It is a huge island which is bounded by many smaller islands. The island is stuffed between Geojedo and Namhaedo. Tongyeong and Geoje are furthermore famed for fresh seafood, a local enjoyment which makes the day of the tourists. The place is perfect to kick off an island-hopping trip. Tongyeong is one of the most beautiful havens of Korea. Most of the charming and pictorial sights are in and Gangguan. Tongyeong is also known for its offshore islands. It is a well admired weekend destination for the visitors. Take a trip to Korea these vacations and travel the must visit places in Tongyeong:


Jangsado Sea Park

Jangsado Sea Park-rea trip

Jangsado is park located in Jangsa Island at near Tongyeong city. It is a small island of just 400m width and 1.9km length. This park offers an exceptional view or surrounding to the visitors and is famous for the camellia flowers that bloom in winter. Located on the island, the park is well known for the shooting of the hit Korean drama “my love from the star” starring Jeon Jihyun and Kim Soohyun.



mireuksan- korea travel

Mireuksan Mountain situated in the Gyeongsangnam-do, Tongyeong is considered as one of the finest mountains in South Korea. The Mountain is home to the basins, blossoming forests, rock caves, odd-shaped rocks and historical holy places. Visitors can watch the awesome view of the sea all-encompassing Tongyeong. Visitors can lead to the top of the mountain by cable car. Tourists can see various destinations like Cheongwangbong Peak in Jirisan, Tsushima Island in Japan, and Dolsando in Yeosu.


Yi Sun-shin Park

yu sun-shin-travel korea

Located at Mangilbong Peak, the park has the sculpture of Yi Sun-sin, a viewing deck, a walking path, Hagikjeong Pavilion, established cultural hall, a parking lot, a green square and so on. Formerly the Park was named as Hansan Battle Memorial Park and then it was changed to Yi sun-sin Park

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Jeju City

jeju city travel to korea

Located on an island off the Korean peninsula, Jeju is the largest city on Jeju Island. It is the capital of Jeju Province in South Korea. Jeju Island is the fiery holiday destination in South Korea. Also, 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup was hosted by the Jeju’s city of Seogwipo. The flight time between Jeju and Seoul is very short and is at 434 km south of Seoul.



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