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The Republic of Singapore, located in the Southeast Asia off the tip of Peninsular Malaysia is Asia’s second smallest country. With 704 sq km in area, Singapore is a country, an island state consisting over 60 islands, as well as a city.


Country: Republic of Singapore

Capital: Singapore

Area: 252 sq mi (704 sq km)

Currency: SGD (Singapore dollar)

Calling Code: +65

Time Zone: SST (UTC+8)

Religions: Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists and many other.

Languages: English(most dominant language), Chinese, Malay, Tamil


Singapore is an exception, the only island city country in the globe. Despite the fact of being a physically small island, Singapore country is highly developed with one of the world’s giant economies. It is the modern city of Southeast Asia blending Chinese, Arab, English, Malay and Indian cultures and religion. Anyone can visit Singapore country and discover a range of culinary opportunities and sightseeing attractions with a number of things to do in Singapore.

Singapore holidays

The calendar is filled with traditional celebrations that celebrated throughout the year and adds its cultural appeal to Singapore holidays. Some of the major Singapore holidays that which fall yearly include-

  • New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Good Friday
  • Vesak Day (Buddhist festival)
  • Labor Day
  • Ramadan
  • Hari Raya Puasa (Muslim festival)
  • National Day
  • Hari Raya Haji (Malay Muslim festival)
  • Diwali
  • Christmas

Avoid your Singapore trip at poor instant otherwise, you will have to face some worst-case scenario such as the crowds and high cost without enjoying the events.


Things to do in Singapore

When compared to the other places in Southeast Asia, the Singapore country is frequently well thought as a pricey tourist destination. Apart from these, Singapore is one of the best Country to visit in holidays. For those who are planning their Singapore trip, the accommodations or Singapore resorts will certainly shatter your budget but the relief is that the foodstuff is luscious and inexpensive. As if you are thinking what to do in Singapore city, there you will discover various Singapore tourist attractions or spots and lots of things to see in Singapore which you can do on budget even avoiding the shopping or festivities lures during Singapore trip.

You will discover several other Singapore tourist attractions and always find something exciting happening in the Singapore city like many other events, pageants, and celebrations to enjoy the Asian festivals during Singapore trip. These festivals and events are the major Singapore tourist attractions and the important things to do in Singapore whether you are a local or an outsider.


Things to see in Singapore

For an exceptional travel experience plan your Singapore tourism taking Singapore’s festivals and events into consideration to glimpse the different side of the Singapore city and its people.

Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival

While your Singapore tourism, get the glimpse of the food festival, household culinary creations are the highlights where vendors get together serving both local and Modern Singaporean cookery talents from the country’s top-class cooks and hawkers.

Annual Culture events

Annual Culture events_things to do in Singapore

Make your Singapore trip unforgettable and have a good time celebrating the diverse cultural happenings in the Singapore city. Home to the numerous cultures, from Chinese New Year to Christmas, there is always momentous happening every month you may get to experience on your Singapore tourism.

Singapore Music Festivals

Singapore Music Festivals_Singapore city

Tap your feet at the popping speakers in crowded music festivals where and make your Singapore trip much more exciting. Visit Singapore’s many music and arts festivals to have some great time that includes-

  • Singapore International Jazz Festival
  • Neon Light
  • ZoukOut
  • St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
  • Singapore Symphony Orchestra etc.


Weather in Singapore

The temperature does not vary much between the seasons due to the location of Singapore which is extremely close to the equator. You will see lots of rain in Singapore country that moderately distributed throughout the year. November to January is the wettest month. Whatever the time you choose to visit Singapore is best for you but the driest months from June-August are considered as the best time for Singapore trip.

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