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Shanghai, the biggest city of China has come forward as one of the most popular destinations globally. It is the trendy and cool face of China that hold infectious energy. The city has the multicultural elegance and endows it with an exceptional glamor. Here visitors can enjoy, modern and traditional, western and oriental, the wonderful mix of the cultures. Shanghai oozes an atmosphere of vivacity which can challenge Paris and New York in terms of modernity. Shanghai is one of the world’s top financial and business cities whose modernity is evidenced by the ambitious skyline. The best part of the city that hang around visitor’s mind are the colorful lights that lit up and glows the entire city at the night time. Shanghai s the famous place to visit China with majestic architecture, classic gardens, museums, serene water towns and etc. The city is habitually improving its travel conveniences and transportation to make sure the excellent and memorable experience to the tourists. Some most popular attraction in Shanghai includes Bund where visitors can watch ships on the river, the crowd goes by in people’s square, dozens of buildings of several architectural styles. A Serene place Jade Buddha Temple, having amazing buildings and lovely Chinese garden. A newly built Shanghai Disneyland park that brings together the distinctive civilizing aspects of China and magic of Disney. Travel to China and feel the beauty and modern atmosphere by visiting Shanghai.



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Beijing is the second largest city and is the capital of the Republic of China. There are many reasons for the tourists to visit Beijing as the city includes both famed temples and modern marvels and gardens interlaced through the vibrant metropolis. It is the nation’s economic, political and cultural center. With about millions of foreigners and Chinese tourists, Beijing has now become one of the most popular China travel destinations in the world. It is a good idea to visit China, Beijing as there are lots of things for visitors to do. You can enjoy by visiting parks, historical sites, museums, and restaurants. During the autumn months, the sites are less crowded with people, it is the best stint to visit China, Beijing. Beijing is nothing less than a center of the universe as the city includes various wonders such as Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and the great wall of China.

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Hong Kong in China is one of the world’s top economic, trading and business centers. Most people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese and English. The city is the one of the hottest destination for the tourists as there are few language barriers. Hong Kong is the paradise for the foodies, tourists can enjoy delicious foodstuff such as Yum Cha, Dai Pai Dong (street food). There are many best things to do for those who visit China. From museums to historical landmarks you will find out more that the city has to offer. The city brings all the world famous brands together hence is the shopping paradise for the people who travel to China. There are various places where visitors can get leisure entertainment in this exciting city. Various carnivals and festivals, sports events, arts and cultural programs are hosted by the city. Hong Kong is the best place to experience equally the eastern and western customs. It is the perfect destination for the family to China travel. Some most popular and interesting attractions in Hong Kong are Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Star Ferry, Madame Tussauds and Victoria Harbor.



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Xi’an was the first capital of united China and is frequently identified as the birthplace of Chinese civilization. It is the leading city of China’s and is vital economic, civilizing, developed and educational center which provides modern and convenient services to its visitors. Xi’an, located in the central-northwest China includes the vast chronological sites and precious relics. The city has won reputation all over the world and is one of the most popular destinations in China to visit in holidays. The Well-known museum Terracotta Warrior, which has become a worldwide symbol of China’s history, is a something that simply that cannot be missed. The major attractions in Xi’an are museums, ancient marvels, shows and famous mountain and waterfall nearby. From luxury malls to craft marketplaces visitors can enjoy their holidays by shopping. It is easy to find a souvenir in your budget. Whether it is spring or autumn, these are the best time to visit Xian and enjoy holidays in China. During the visit, enjoy walking section of the wall as well as bike on the city wall to enjoy in your China trip.

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Huangshan-visit to china

Huangshan city is the one of the world’s famous tourist destination in China and it is located at Southern Anhui Province. Mt. Huangshan known as Yellow Mountain and the earliest villages of Hongcun and Xidi are the two heritages sites in Huangshan city. The mountain is famous for its scenic features and is named as the Most Fantastic Mountain under Heaven. These are not the places to simply miss by the visitors. Also, fresh-looking prehistoric houses, memorials, bridges, and streets are the places that every tourist should visit. With having the variety of tempting natural panorama to primeval culture landscape, the city is well-named for its rich tourism assets and characteristic landscape.


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