These are the hottest places on earth where highest temp ever recorded

hottest places on earth

Dasht-e Lut, Iran – Hottest Place on earth

Lut_Desert - Hottest Place in the world

Dasht-i-Lut in Iran was the hottest place on earth in the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009. However, the maximum temperature was recorded at 70.7 in 2005. There is so much heat in a large part of the Lut and is the hottest place in the world that it is not possible for any organism to left alive. Even the bacteria cannot survive here.

Maximum temperature – 70.7 °C

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Queensland, Australia

Badlands - Hottest Destinations

Australia is the driest continent on Earth. Here is a big desert named ‘Badlands’ is a famous and is part of the Queensland outback. In 2003 there was a severe drought, at that time the temperature of here was 69.3 °C as it becomes the hottest place on earth.

Maximum temperature – 69.3 °C


Aziziyah, Libya – Hottest Place on Earth

Aziziyah, Libya - world's hottest place

Aziziyah, 25 miles away from Tripoli, Libya’s capital was claimed to be the world’s hottest destinations ever. The temperature was recorded at 58 °C in 1922. However, in 2012 Metrologists made it obvious that due to many factors this number is not correct. The biggest reason was that the person who recorded this temperature & declared the place as hottest destination in the world was inexperienced. Usually, the average temperature is usually up to 48 °C in summer.

Maximum temperature – 58 °C

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Flaming mountains, Xinjiang, China

flaming_mountains - hottest place in the world

The Fleming Mountain, which appears in the series of Tiyan Shan Mountains in Xinjiang, China, is also known in warm or hottest place. In the year 2008, the temperature of the surface was recorded at 66.8 °C. That year, it was the highest temperature measured & the hottest place on earth.

Maximum temperature – 66.8 °C


Kebili, Tunisia

Kebili- hottest place in world

This is an oasis of central Tunisia. Here are only palm trees that can give you shadows here. It is one of the hottest place in the world & in Africa. However, even with the extreme climate, this town is naturally rich in nature. It is said that this town has existed for two hundred thousand years

Maximum temperature – 55 °C


Cave of the crystals, Mexico

Cave of the crystals - hot destinations

The crystal cave is present in Nacca, Mexico. It is believed as the largest natural crystal ever found. This cave is a very hottest place. The maximum air temperature here has been recorded at 58 °C. Considered as the hottest place on earth, this is the reason why this cave cannot be scrutinized too much

Maximum temperature – 58 °C

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Tirat Zavi, Israel

Tirat zvi, Israel - hottest place

Tirut Zavi in Asia has its name recorded in as the hottest place in the world. This is Israel’s religious city, which is located near Bet Shane Valley. It is 722 feet below sea level. On June 1942, it was recorded 54 °C. However, investigator Christopher C. Barrett has been constantly questioning this record. They doubted it as the hottest destinations. They claim that thermography has been read incorrectly

Hottest place on earth

Maximum temperature – 54 °C


Death Valley, America – Hottest Destinations

death valley - hottest place to visit

Death Valley located in the Mojave Desert of California is the driest and hottest place in the world and among hottest destinations of North America. It is well below sea level & has a record of the hot air temperature. The record maximum temperature has reached 56.7 °C here. Surrounded by mountains temperature reaches 47 during summer time

Maximum temperature – 56.7 °C


Wadi Halfa, Sudan – Hottest Place on Earth

wadi-halfa - hottest place

The city is settled on the banks of Lake Nubia in Sudan, is the hottest place on earth where there was no rain last year. June remains the warmest month for which the average temperature is about 41 °C. In 1967, the hottest day was recorded at that time the temperature was 53 °C

Maximum temperature – 53 °C


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