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Hand in the desert, Mano de Desierto, Chile


The Hand in the desert is one of the weird places in the world. If you are looking for something like unusual and weirdest places on earth for your vacations then this is a perfect place for you to travel. Taller than the NFL goalpost, the sculpture of Mano de Desierto was built in the 1980s by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal. About 37 feet high this structure ‘Hand in Desert’ is a prominent figure situated in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile makes it one of the unusual holiday destinations to visit. The bizarre sculpture is from the strange places in the earth which seems an artistic expression of art. Reflected as the unique places in the world, it is also a marvelous sight to view and is completely free to approach.


Thor’s well, USA


Thor’s well is a bowl-shaped hole engraved out of the rough basalt seashore. Located just 3 miles south of Yachats in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Are, it is one of the weirdest places on earth. Thor’s well, on the Oregon coast, is actually a hole in the rock that disappears the sea water into its depth. Certainty, the huge hole is only about 20 feet deep. Even it appears as the strangest places in the world, it still manages to bring into being the magnificent sight to look at but be cautious about getting too close. It is unusual holiday destinations & weird places in the world which maintain its beauty and is also known as a gate to hell. It visual become more spectacular during storms at high tide when water washes viciously above the rocks directly into the hole.

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Spotted Lake, Canada


Located in the northwest of Osoyoos in Eastern Similkameen Valley, the spotted lake contains a wide range of minerals including calcium, sodium sulfates & magnesium sulfate. During summer times, most of the water from the lake evaporates leaving the dotted landscapes of these minerals. The colors ranging from blue, green to yellow depending on the concentration of the minerals in each spot. Spotted Lake is considered as the blessed place by the natives. It is believed that each mineral present in the spots has diverse healing and remedial properties. There is a fence enclosing the incredible spotted lake to preserve the area and avoid the visitors to get close to it. If you want to go to unique places in your vacations, you’ll love weird places in the world see spotted lake and get adored by its beauty.


Tianzi Mountains, China


There are many such weird places in the world that are very beautiful to see, where the view relaxes the mind of a person. One of these strangest places in the world includes Tianzi mountains of China that fill us with surprise. Located in the Zhangjiajie area of Yunnan province of China, Tianzi Mountain built from Marble and is one of the beautiful or weird places in the world. The Taiji Mountains are not less than a mystery that shaped by nature in their own style. A crowd of clouds around these shows a different landscape, while the surrounding forest and green bushes increase its beauty. The highest peak height from sea level is 1262.5 meters. If you look at this height and sees the view, it appeared as the science fiction movie with numerous hills and deep trenches.

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Socotra Island, Yemen


The Island named Socotra is about 250 miles away from the banks of Yemen is counted in the weird places in the world where very strange trees are found. These trees are count among the weirdest plants found on the earth. According to the reports, there are about 825 types of rare trees and plants. Different types of animals are also found on this island group. Here the most startling tree is called the Dragon Blood Tree. It looks like a very large umbrella. This tree is also used in making paint. While some plants are also used to make medicines. The are many weird places in the world whose existence make people hard to believe. It is weird places in the world which make people shocked but today it remains the unusual holiday destinations.

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