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Visit Iceland and travel to Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland which remarkably covers the large area with a large count of inhabitants. The visitor’s center placed near the scenic Lake Tjornin is the most visited area during Iceland travel. Take pleasure from your Iceland tourism visiting National and Saga Museums which are the best Iceland tourist attractions. Plan Iceland travel and visit its capital city as it is the place where you will get the vision of stunning landscapes with exciting opportunities. Summer is the best time to visit Iceland capital city when the days are long and have divine weather. The place also has also some tremendous fountains, waterfalls, wide glaciers with a gaping space filled with Icelandic sheep and horses. For the scenic view of the city, ride the lift through the observation deck of radical Hallgrimskirkja church. The main Highlight of the city is Reykjavik City Card which provides free entry to the museums, gallery and also offers a free ferry trip to Viðey island. Many places are here where you can visit during your Iceland tourism and can do various activities like Boating, dine at Perlan and much more.

Weather: 0°C to 13°C

Hotel Budget: 157$ to 470$

Main Highlights:

  • Whale Watching
  • Ice Caves
  • Thermal pools and spas
  • Reykjavik City Card

Must-Visit Places

  • Aurora Borealis
  • Golden Circle
  • South Iceland
  • Blue Lagoon

Best Hotels or Places to stay in Iceland, Reykjavik

  • Hotel Holt
  • CenterHotel Thingholt
  • Grand Hótel Reykjavík
  • 101 Hotel



Husavik_Iceland tourism

During Iceland travel, visit Husavik a small but impressive town located in the northern part of Iceland. The region is famous for great opportunities of whale watching tours. Visit Iceland Husavik and its nearby surrounding that offer you a wide array of both natural and cultural attractions. This part of Iceland comes with a calm and relaxing tone but the area easily gets exited due to some exhilarating events which take place every year. During Iceland tourism to Husavik, a beautiful landmark you shouldn’t miss seeing is Husavik church or Húsavíkurkirkja which is very close to the harbor. To explore more about Husavik, the interesting way is to get around the town by foot relishing its friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Weather: -1°C to 14°C

Hotel Budget: 157$ to 219$

Main Highlights:

  • Whale watching tours
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding

Must-Visit Places

  • Whale Museum
  • Húsavíkurkirkja or Husavik Church
  • Husavik Museum
  • Fjallasyn

Best Hotels or Places to stay in Iceland, Husavik

  • Husavik Cape Hotel
  • Port Guesthouse
  • Laugarholt Apartment
  • Guesthouse Sigtun



Akureyri_best places to stay in iceland

The fourth largest city of Iceland, Akureyri is the largest fishing port in Iceland. Plan Iceland Tourism and visit Akureyri as the city is one of the most happening places in Iceland. The city’s delightful botanical gardens, church Akureyrarkirkja are the ideal places to visit Iceland Akureyri. Akureyri is an ideal destination for winter breaks and has fun from various outdoor activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, horse rentals and northern lights hunting. While in the city get relief from the notable beauty surrounding the nature during the Iceland tourism. To spend a whole day, visit Eyjafjordur fjord and get leisure from its moderate breezes. Thrill lovers can head to the snow-covered peaks and enjoy various outside activities. You can also visit a number of famous historical and ethnic museums in the center. Whenever you plan to visit Iceland there is a good chance for you to attend one of many carnivals, concerts, and presentations throughout the year.

Weather: -2°C to 15°C

Hotel Budget: 125$ to 314$

Main Highlights:

  • Whale watching
  • Regular Events
  • Regular Events

Must-Visit Places

  • Hlíðarfjall
  • Botanical Garden
  • Sulur
  • Akureyri Museum

Best Hotels or Places to stay in Iceland, Akureyri

  • Hotel Akureyri
  • Icelandair Hotel Akureyri
  • Hotel Edda Akureyri
  • Hotel Kjarnalundur




Make a plan to visit Iceland and spend your holidays in the town Seydisfjordur, one of the top places in Iceland. Through its superbly preserved wooden houses, the town comes into view as the most pictorial sight. Seydisfjordur is known for its history and architecture and is also known as an artistic hub in the country. Take Iceland tourism and enjoy various opportunities like hiking in thriving green hills, biking, camping and sea kayaking, visit some of the Iceland tourist attractions like magnificent nature reserve Skalanes Farm, Coastal cliffs which are habitat to the stupendous group of sea birds. Summer is the best time to visit Iceland, with visiting artists the town offers flourishing art scenes. The Iceland tourism has increased rapidly in recent years.

Weather: -1°C to 11°C

Hotel Budget: 188$ to 298$

Main Highlights

  • Lunga festival
  • Classical concerts in Bláa Kirkjan
  • Craft markets
  • Cultural centers

Must-Visit Places

  • Gufufoss
  • Skálanes Nature
  • Heritage Center
  • Technical Museum of East Island

Best Hotels or Places to stay in Iceland, Seydisfjordur

  • Post-Hostel
  • Nord Marina Guesthouse
  • Lónsleira Apartments
  • Hótel Aldan



Grundarfjordur- iceland tourism

Visit Grundarfjordur during Iceland travel and realize its reason of having adored reputation from the worldwide visitors. The entire region of Grundarfjordur is blessed with fantastic cultural and usual attractions. The mountain of the town is one of the most popular mountains in Iceland. Make Iceland travel and get pleasure from the surrounding, including vibrant birdlife, vast hiking tracks, and stunning waterfalls. If you are planning to take Iceland tourism during summer, there are boat trips where you can go for deep sea fishing, watch puffins & many other lovely birds and whales. Get delighted with the exciting service of swimming pool around the town during your Iceland travel. Discover more about the Iceland tourist attractions while visiting Grundarfjordur. Don’t miss to take a trip at Kirkjufell Mountain and Grundfjordur Public Pool. The town also includes a golf course, hotels, family restaurants, pharmacy, liquor shops and many other stores. The best way to understand more about Grundarfjordur is by visiting iceland.

Weather: -6°C to 13°C

Hotel Budget: 125$ to 172$

Main Highlights

  • Outdoor activities
  • Golf course
  • Boat trips
  • Vibrant wildlife

Must-Visit Places

  • Kirkjufell Mountain
  • Snaefellsjoekull National Park
  • Grundfjordur Public Pool

Best Hotels or Places to stay in Iceland, Seydisfjordur

  • Hotel Framnes
  • The Old postoffice Guesthouse
  • H5 Apartments
  • Sudur-Bár Guesthouse

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