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Travel to Switzerland’s national capital Bern which has successfully managed to hold its historic features. Make a trip to Switzerland and spend your Switzerland vacation in the capital city which is set all along the beautiful river and close to the mountains. Many visitors admire the panoramic landscape of the city. You really need to be here in this charming city even for the few days to discover the modern routines that pleasantly mingles with the old all through your Switzerland trip. The major thing to do during Switzerland travel is to watch its old town that also declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The old town never fails to astonish the visitors came to look at typical Swiss experience. Explore some of the most wonderful quirky boutiques or museums for indoor entertainment and head to the local restaurants for the special appetizing food or sweet shop which has seductive window displays.

Weather: -1°C to 18°C

Hotel Budget: 150$ to 468$

Main Highlights of Bern Tourism:

  • Picturesque site
  • Swimming in River Aare
  • Expensive food and drinking services
  • Free bike service to get around the city

Places to Visit in Switzerland, Bern:

  • Zytglogge
  • Bern Cathedral
  • Old Town
  • Bern Historical Museum

Best Hotels to Stay in Bern:

  • Hotel Alpenblick
  • Bellevue Palace Bern
  • Schweizerhof Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Allegro Bern



zurich_switzerland travel

Travel Switzerland largest city Zurich, bustling with a number of activities like hopping nightlife, endless bars, and restaurants. Zurich is located near the mountains, on the stunning lakefront bank with marvelous Limmat River flowing through it. Travel to Switzerland most wonderful city and watch the beautiful views of the Alps, tremendous walking streets. From hotels to superlative shopping there is too much to do and enjoy in this chic destination at your Switzerland trip. It is also a very inventive city with full of exhibition and street art. Zurich is an ideal location for Switzerland vacation that opens up on the lake, having a cocktail on the beachfront and sitting in the park. Planning Switzerland tourism is a great consideration as the city has plenty of cool and affordable offerings for the visitors from fancy chocolates to cultural landmarks. To have benefited from Zurich Switzerland trip, hit upon some fantastic art galleries, museums, citadels, shops, restaurants, and cafes to discover the various aspects of the city.

Weather: 0°C to 20 °C

Hotel Budget: 140$ to 358$

Main Highlights of Bern Tourism:

  • Lakefront location
  • Extreme Shopping
  • Amazing architecture
  • Vibrant nightlife

Places to Visit in Switzerland, Zurich:

  • Swiss National Museum
  • Helvetiaplatz Markt
  • Lindenhof
  • Old town

Best Hotels to Stay:

  • Baur au Lac
  • Florhof Hotel
  • The Dolder Grand
  • Alden Hotel



Lausanne-switzerland trip

Make a trip to Switzerland Lausanne, the second largest city on Lake Geneva surrounded by the vineyard-covered slopes. The town combines with the lake to make it a perfect locality for Switzerland vacation. Travel to Switzerland Lausanne to explore all the habitual beauty of the country and all the cool cultures of the finest European cities. You will find it very compact and walkable city with plenty of luring restaurants, shops, and bars during Switzerland travel. Being Olympic capital, it houses the international committee. On your Switzerland trip don’t miss to visit the most interesting and well sustained Olympic museum. Another attraction in Lausanne includes the Palais du Rumine, Château St-Maire, and Ancienne-Académie. Lake Geneva in the heart of Lausanne with its scenic spots will drag you from wherever you are and make you travel Switzerland. For Switzerland tourism, Lausanne is a perfect place to spend some days while Switzerland trip as its station is a linking point for the trains between Bern, France, Geneva and the resorts of Valais.

Weather: 1°C to 20°C

Hotel Budget: 102$ to 400$

Main Highlights of Lausanne Tourism:

  • Lake Geneva
  • Vineyards

Places to Visit in Switzerland, Lausanne:

  • Olympic Museum
  • Lausanne Cathedral
  • Sauvabelin Tower
  • Musée de l’Élysée

Best Hotels to Stay:

  • Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne
  • Beau-Rivage Palace
  • Hôtel de la Paix Lausanne
  • Hotel Aulac



Zermatt is a small town situated on the bottom of the Matterhorn. Due to its immediacy to the iconic Matterhorn, the one of the highest mountain in Switzerland, Zermatt, is famous for skiing and climbing. Travel to Switzerland Matterhorn as it is the most photographed mountain the world. Visitors can take pleasure by visiting distinct sites while Switzerland trip as the town is excellent for walking. No gas-driven vehicles are permitted, only battery-controlled vehicles are permitted within the city. Zermatt is a world famous ski resort in Switzerland and one of the most prominent in all Europe. Trip to Switzerland throughout the winter is great delightful since the whole town is roofed with the thin layer of snow.

Weather: -5°C to 13°C

Hotel Budget: 171$ to 390$

Main Highlights of Zermatt Tourism:

  • Best ski resort
  • Picturesque scenery
  • Hiking in the Mettelhorn
  • Matterhorn glacier paradise

Places to Visit in Switzerland, Zermatt:

  • Gornergratbahn
  • Sunnega
  • Matterhorn Museum
  • Ricola Herb Garden

Best Hotels to Stay:

  • Hotel Alex
  • Hotel Parnass
  • Hotel Sunstar
  • Hotel Bellerive




During the Switzerland trip, travel to Switzerland’s central gateway Lucerne which is situated at Lake Lucerne surrounded with the imposing hilly landscape. It is an old town having stunning contemporary responsiveness. The setting impresses the visitors by its memento, watch shops, and the lovely waterside location which makes it a perfect destination for spending few days of your Switzerland vacation. The city is also an ideal location for the groups or individuals to plan their Switzerland trip. For those who travel to Switzerland, Lucerne is the spirit of Switzerland that creates a perfect picture on Lake Lucerne. The place is very popular among the tourist which has resulted in the spawn in infrastructures of museums, hotels, cafes, restaurants and the transportation systems and makes it one of the most appreciated and easiest place to explore while Switzerland travel. Travel Switzerland as the town Lucerne never fails to impress its visitor, watch the scenic sunrises and sunsets over the lake and the exceptional alpine landscape. Travelers from outside the city should travel to Switzerland Lucerne which is considered as one of the appealing cities in the world to experience the beautiful views the city has to offer. During your Switzerland trip visit Lucerne’s most celebrated Chapel bridge and water tower, this is regarded as the most photographed monument in Switzerland.

Weather: -2°C to 15°C

Hotel Budget: 171$ to 624$

Main Highlights of Lucerne tour:

  • Picturesque lakeside setting
  • Innovative design of the town
  • Cableways to the Excursion Mountains
  • Lucerne festivals throughout the year

Places to visit in Switzerland, Lucerne:

  • Rigi
  • Swiss Museum of Transport
  • Reuss
  • Pilatus

Best Hotels to Stay in Lucerne:

  • Hotel Des Balances
  • Palace Luzern
  • Hotel Astoria
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
  • Lake Lucerne


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