Sony confirms Paris Games Week 2017 Showcase Details

paris games week

Paris Games Week

The Paris Games Week is the exhibition for the video game fairs that held annually at the county Paris. In order to promote the interest of the video game developers, the French organization arranges the Games week once a year. This year the organization assures that they will be at its best to put together the eyes of all admirers from all around the world in the French capital. Sony is the company that will make its presence in the Paris Games week and it already announces date and time for the conference.

Date and venue for the Paris Games Week 2017


Sony has officially revealed about attending the Paris games week 2017 European media showcase event that will take place on Monday 30 October at 4:00 pm UK time. Sony is heading to its capital city France big PlayStation to organize the press conference from where it will be live streamed so that you can tune at your local time to watch. Those who will be present at the event will be able to get through the doors two hours earlier. For those who are still wondering it will be telecasted 12:00 pm Eastern and 9:00 am Pacific time.

While Sony elected not to make any big announcements at Gamescom which Microsoft has confirmed its presence in the show with a conference.

While the last Paris games week was held at 2015, the company skipped the Europe’s biggest gaming event, the Paris games week 2016. Jim Ryan, chief of Sony global sales and marketing teased a European event after skipping the Paris Game week.

But this year it is ready to set up and show more of its game in the county. At this moment, it is anonymous what Sony will present at its media showcase in order to divulge the part of the line-up. All eyes will be turned towards the Sony in order to get the surprises that will be revealed in this biggest event.


At the Paris Games Week 2015, Play station surprises several by having a major press conference. In addition to some minor games, Sony makes known the likes of Detroit: Become Human and Gran Turismo Sport at the previous Paris Games Week conference. This year all are hoping the similar showcase where Sony will show off some more details about the gameplay, trailers, alike the E3 show.


The listing of the Paris Games Week event has yet to be revealed but it is highly probable to see more footage of the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn the Frozen Wilds, Detroit, and David Cage. Also, it is possible that Sony will surprise us with The Last of Us Part 2 or God of War. We entirely are expecting to see few more of games at this year’s event of Paris Week Games 2017.

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