Places to visit in Mussoorie, a natural beauty in Uttarakhand

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Kempty Falls – Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls in Mussoorie, surrounded by a majestic mountain range, is alleged to be one amongst the foremost outstanding waterfalls in Uttarakhand. It is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie and is a leading traveler attraction in Mussoorie Uttarakhand. Plan Mussoorie tour in holidays being a gift on the Mussoorie-Dehradun route, the Kempty Falls draws a variety of tourists from all over the country. The Kempty falls in Mussoorie are encircled by high mountain cliff. The waterfalls from an immense height, it is said that this water divides into five entirely diverse streams. While on Mussoorie trip melodic sound of the waterfall can be notified from a distance and on one occasion reaching there, one is only left mesmerized seeing the tranquil settings. This Mussoorie sightseeing attraction permits the guests to savor the majestic views of the Hill station and natural splendors all around which makes Kempty Falls one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie.



15 kilometers from Mussoorie.


Best Time to Visit Mussoorie:

Summer months of March and June


Opening hours:

06:00 am – 06:00 pm


Entry fee:



Places to Visit in Dehradun


Dhanaulti – Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Dhanaulti is a small and laid-back town and is among the foremost stunning and best places visit near Mussoorie. Dhanaulti is little and straightforward, however, there’s AN ethereal beauty in its simplicity that moves people who see and feel it. Well, you will get many other places to see in Mussoorie, there are many tourist spots but Dhanaulti is the place where guests love the attractive views of the intimidating mountain range. It is the among the best and most beautiful places to visit for Mussoorie trip which is way from the touristed rush seen in Mussoorie Uttarakhand. The city is snuggled within the green Garhwal mountain range and has wonderful landscapes that you simply will esteem for hours without any fail whereas being attentive to distant bird sounds. Here, Eco Twin Park Ambar & Dhara incorporates a vast greenhouse and rides for teenagers. The tranquil and serene atmosphere create folks relish their visit during the Mussoorie tour. The hikes here, together with the scent of deodars and cedars within the air, creating for associate expertise makes it one of the pleasant mansuri tourist spots that you won’t forget. Find the budget hotels in Mussoorie as Dhanaulti offers lots of things to do in Mussoorie tourism even though usually being one amongst the unnoticed but best tourist Place in Mansuri.


Best time to visit Mussoorie, Dhanaulti:

March to June


Distance from Mussoorie:

30-31 kilometer


Bhatta Falls – Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Bhatta Falls

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Bhatta falls is a developed picnic spot placed near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Nowadays it has become a pleasant picnic spot and tourist place in Mansuri wherever local people and tourists like to pay plenty of their time. It has recently developed into one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie trip as it is an excellent traveler attraction for everyone who visits the town. It is a wonderful and ideal location for Mussoorie sightseeing due to its picturesque beauty that envelopes this place and is guaranteed to leave the guests spellbound. If you are looking for the Mussoorie attractions, the Bhatta fall is among the best places to see in Mussoorie Uttarakhand. The place is a trekker paradise as you will need to walk for some km to reach the destination. Once you arrive there, you will get to know about many things and places to see in Mussoorie trip to recreate yourself within the lush leafage.



Dehradun to Mussoorie Distance

  • 7 km from Mussoorie (lies on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road)
  • 27 km from the Dehradun railway station
  • 50 km from the Jolly Grant Airport


Things to do in Mussoorie, Bhatta Falls:


  • An ideal background for photography enthusiasts
  • Bathe within the fresh lake
  • Delicious noodles, Cooked eggs, Soup, Tea or occasional


Opening hours:

06:00 am – 06:00 pm


Entry fee:



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Lal Tibba – Things to see in Mussoorie

lal tibba

Lal Tibba means Red Hill in the local language. This is believed to be the most populated, oldest and one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie. The place is well known for its scenic beauty courtesy the pleasant sunrise and sunset that leave the visitors spellbound. Carry woolens with you no matter what is the month of visit. Offering the superb views of the snow-capped Himalayan point, visit Lal Tibba during Mussorrie tourism which is even renowned as the Depot Hill due to the presence of a depot here. Hills of the Lal Tibba is well recognized amongst the consumers due to the variety of markets within the near areas. There are some best places to visit in Mussoorie Lal Tibba which points all its glory. There is the camp of the All India Radio, Doordarshan & Indian Military services. The Mussorrie highest range Lal Tibba is also acknowledged to accommodate celebrated pilgrimages of Kedarnath and Badrinath. This peak is foremost famed traveler places in Mussoorie Uttarakhand due to the luxurious views and near pilgrimage places.




  • 5 km from Mussoorie city at Landour Road
  • 34 km from Dehradun railway station (dehradun to mussoorie distance)
  • 57 km from Jolly Grant Airport


Things to do in Mussoorie, Lal Tibba:


  • Enjoying the beauty of nature
  • Trek on the mountains


Best Time to visit Mussoorie, Lal Tibba:

March – June



Gun Hill – Mussoorie Sightseeing

Gun Hill

Gun Hill is one amongst the foremost outstanding holidaymaker attractions and the best places to visit in Mussoorie for the tourists who visit Mussoorie. The views from the second highest peak in Mussoorie, Gun hill sure to leave you to spell certain. Regardless of the time of the month, do carry woolen garments during the Mussoorie tour. The major attraction that attracts plenty of tourists is the cable car ride. It’s a ten minutes’ ride that begins from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill. For who like to check their shooting skills they can go for balloon shooting which is an another Gun Hill Mussoorie attraction. Go on Mussoorie trip to relish the breathtaking views of the mountains and meadows of Doon valley up the hill on the aerial tramway. The beauty of the sunset in one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie, Gun Hills, is particularly gorgeous while riding the cable car. Avoid taking the ropeway between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm as this can be the peak time for tourists


Small distance from Mall Road.


Best Time to visit Mussoorie, Gun Hills:

March to June


Things to do in Mussoorie, Gun Hills:


  • Picturesque sunset views
  • Savor hot snacks and tea, play heaps of interesting games


Opening hours:

10:00 am to 06:00 pm


Entry fee:

Rs. 60



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