Kenya Tourist Destinations – Top 5 Must See Kenya Attractions to Visit in Holidays


Masai Mara, Kenya – What to do in Kenya

masai mara

Located in the south-west of Kenya, Masai Mara is one of the greatest wildlife reserve and best places to visit in Kenya Africa closest to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. It is the best Kenya tourist attractions to go close to the wild. Masai Mara kenya is one of the top tourist destinations in Kenya famous for the great migration which happens every year from June to September. Masai Mara Kenya is the best places to visit in Kenya Tourism. The Kenya tourist attractions are awesome to see with a range of animals to see on safari while Kenya holidays. Visit Kenya and explore some fantastic Masai Mara camps, see the giraffes ambling on the plains, other than elephants, hippos, and crocodile. The Masai Mara Kenya is looked upon as the jewel of Kenya’s wildlife sighting areas where you will record approx 95 species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.


Lake Nakuru, Kenya – What to do in Kenya

Flocks of flamingo

While Kenya tourism, visit the Lake Nakuru protected in the Lake Nakuru National Park which is a blend of birdlife and wildlife with the amazing scenery. The most appealing thing about Kenya Africa Lake Nakuru is the masses of pink flamingos that draw guests from around the globe. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Kenya where you will get the beautiful experience you ever have. Visit Kenya Africa tourist attractions; explore the stunning spots and interesting tourist destinations in Kenya. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kenya Africa where you can enjoy the moderate temperature throughout the year. Lake Nakuru National Park is an ideal place to visit Kenya in Kenya tourism for flamingo watching tour & bird watching, hiking, and picnic.


Samburu National Reserve, Kenya – What to do in Kenya


One of the top Kenya tourist destinations is Samburu National Reserve semi Desert Park which is located in the Province of Kenya Africa. Visit Kenya as it is best Kenya tourism place measuring approx 104 sq km in size and the grassland is nearly 350 km from Nairobi. The days in this Kenya sightseeing is extremely hot while nights are cool. This places in Kenya Africa is regarded as the best places to visit in Kenya’s national parks. Samburu is the hidden gem as Kenya tourist attractions with some deluxe hotels. Samburu is the best locale or national park in Kenya to see the varieties of plains games with bird watching and frequent Kenya sightseeing of all specific northern species.


Mount Kenya – What to do in Kenya

mount kenya

The finest & best places to visit in Kenya holidays is Mount Kenya, Kenya’s highest and second largest mountain in Africa. The Mount Kenya is approx 15 km northwest of Nairobi having its majestic glory with the breathtaking scenery. It is the major Kenya tourist attractions you will enjoy seeing in Kenya tourism which offers the interesting and striking scenery of many distinct lakes and animal diversity. The mountain has a stunning snow-capped peak that stands out as the most attractive Kenya sightseeing. The main summit of Mount Kenya is entitled as Batian and other Nelion can only be reached through technical climbing. If you are adventurous it best places to visit in Kenya for you to trek, climb and explore more.


Mombasa, Kenya – What to do in Kenya



The second largest city in Kenya Africa, Mombasa is a very busy port city. Here is a hustle bustle but usually it is one of best places to visit in Kenya holidays to get the relaxed vibe. Mombasa is actually an island tourist destinations in Kenya connected to causeways, bridges, and ferries. There are not too much tourist destinations in Kenya Mombasa city to visit in Kenya tourism for spending Kenya holidays but still, there is some fascinating place to absorb continent’s history and culture. Visit Kenya Africa and see the old town is the best places to visit in Kenya and Kenya Africa’s oldest European building and a Unesco World Heritage site. In the north, the most popular beaches are Nyali Bamburi, Diani with its lovely white sand makes it popular spot and tourist destinations in Kenya or the best places to visit in Kenya holidays.

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