Best Philippine Islands to visit in Vacations

Philippines Island


Palawan island

Palawan is often supposed to be the paradise of Philippine islands and is a must to visit in Philippines tour. This Philippine Islands is ranked as the most beautiful island in the world (2017). It one of the best islands in Philippines surrounded with the white sand beaches of Philippines, magnificent jungles, emerald waters, mountains and the breathtaking landscape. It is the best tourist destination in Philippines for the nature lovers to enjoy their Philippines holidays. A visit to the Philippine islands of Palawan is must for a visitor to explore its idyllic beauty. Puerto Princesa, the capital of Philippine islands featuring the Subterranean River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the mind-boggling part of the Palawan. Other Phillippines attractions in Palawan Island are the mind-boggling Underground River, a major tourist destination in Philippines, El Nida, and its beautiful lagoons. It makes a perfect Philippines vacation destination with these islands having the beaches of Philippines or hiking or diving activities to spend Philippines holidays.

Tourist spots in Philippines Palawan Island:

  • Coron
  • Sabang
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Bacuit Archipelago

Things to do in Philippines Palawan Island:

  • Scuba diving
  • Tour Subterranean River
  • Boat trip to Busuanga Island
  • Mangrove River Cruise

Best Hotels in Philippines Palawan Island:

  • Hotel Centro
  • Heridan Beach Resort and Spa
  • El Nido Cove Resort
  • Princesa Garden Island Resort & Spa

Hotel Budget: 62$ to 390$


Cebu Island

cebu island

Enjoy your Philippines holidays visiting Cebu Island, one of the best islands in Philippines with all those charms the visitor ever dream of. This Philippine Islands boasts many places to see and experience that are worth to visit in your Philippines vacation. The beautiful Philippine island of Cebu draws many visitors with its stunning beaches, adventures and its incredible natural sites. The wonderful Cebu city is the capital of the Philippine islands. Cebu Island includes many scenic beaches and best islands in Philippines such as Bantayan, Mactan, Camotes and Sumilon Island etc. There is no shortage of things to do and see in Cebu, it offers much more to the Filipino and the foreign touristston enjoy their Philippines holidays. Cebu is one of the best Islands in Philippines that makes the excellent tourist destination in Philippines for the families or couples to perform water adventurers, parasailing, Banana boat ride and spend their Philippines holidays.

Best Tourist spots in Philippines Cebu Island:

  • Tumalog Falls
  • Oslob Beach
  • Camotes Island
  • Osmena Peak

Things to do in Philippines Cebu Island:

  • See whale Sharks at Oslob
  • Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls
  • Sky experience adventure
  • Island hopping trip

Best Hotels in Philippines Cebu Island:

  • Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel
  • Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
  • Karuna Boracay Suites
  • Bayfront Hotel Cebu

Hotel Budget: 78$ to 296$


Boracay Island


Despite being the small Philippine islands, Boracay has well-preserved its pride of the top tourist destination and the best islands in Philippines to spend Philippines vacation. It is not too far away from the Manila, the capital city of Philippines. From water sports to nightlife Boracay offers something to everyone. This Philippine Islands boasts fine white sand beaches lined with many excellent hotels, bars, and cafes among the most popular Bulabog and White beach. Often regarded as one of the best islands in Philippines, it offers plenty of watersports, shopping areas, dining options with the fun-loving scenes to the visitors. All these dizzy scenes attract hordes of Filipino, bag packers and the party animals from all over the world. It is surely a party destination in Philippines. It is gorgeous Philippine islands to spend comforting and idyllic Philippines holidays.

Best Tourist Spots in Philippines Boracay:

  • White Beach
  • Ariel’s Point
  • Crystal Cove Island
  • Yapak Beach

Things to do in Philippines Boracay:

  • Helmet diving
  • ATV Ride
  • Island Hopping
  • Nightlife

Best Hotels in Philippines Boracay:

  • Fairways & Bluewater
  • Karuna Boracay Suites
  • Monaco Suites de Boracay
  • Fridays Boracay Resort

Hotel Budget: 62$ to 234$




Located at the northeast tip Luzon Island Part of the St. Ana Cagayan, the Philippine islands of Palaui is a protected landscape and seascape set apart with the awe-inspiring sceneries or a lighthouse. Palaui Island is a perfect tourist destination in Philippines for Philippines tour. It offers its visitors a lot of interesting sights of meadows, secluded coralline beaches, things to do and activities to enjoy in their Philippines vacation. The island becomes well-known to the world when used as a filming site for the famous US TV reality show Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Cagayan. The Philippine islands have enclosed by many small islands such as Gran Laja Island, Crocodile Island, Dos Hermanos etc. Make a trip to Philippines to Palaui Island and explore its unspoiled beauty and opportunities for trekking to the Lighthouse, Sailing, and diving, and interact with the locals and get leisure in your Philippines holidays.

Best Tourist Spots in Philippines Palaui Island:

  • Cape Engano Lighthouse
  • Siwangag Cove
  • Punta Verde Nature village

Things to do in Philippines Palaui Island:

  • Bird-watching
  • Camping
  • Explore Punta Verde Falls
  • Meet the Locals

Best Hotels in Philippines Palaui:

  • Palau Pacific Resort
  • Palau Sunny Garden Hotel
  • Palau Vacation Hotel
  • COVE Resort Palau

Hotel Budget: 78$ to 265$


Siargao Island

Siargao Island

Nestled at the southeast of the capital of the Philippines capital city Manila, Siargao Island attracts the foreign tourists as well as Filipino through its beautiful crystal clear beaches, exotic wildlife, and nature, caverns, stunning waterfalls, and lagoons. Belonging to the Surigao Del Norte province, Siargao is not only about the natural attractions, it also has one of the best surfing spots for the surfers. Tourists make Philippines tour from all corner of the globe, surfers come here to experience the wave-ride at Cloud 9. They even organize an International Surfing Competition that held annually at Siargao making it a beloved tourist destination in Philippines for the surfers. It is one of the best Islands in Philippines and most probably a hidden gem which is more to be explored. It is an amazing place for both surfers and non-surfers to chill and laid back that everyone wishes for.

Best Tourist Spots in Philippines Siargao:

  • Bolitas Cave
  • Tiktikan Lake
  • Sugba Lagoon
  • General Luna

Things to do in Philippines Siargao:

  • Walk at the wooden Bridge
  • Wave Riding
  • Island hopping
  • Beach Bumming

Best Hotels in Philippines Siargao:

  • Siargao Inn Beach Resort
  • Kokai Resort
  • Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa
  • Sunset Bay Villas

Hotel Budget: 46$ to 156$


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