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Baga Beach, North Goa

baga beach_Goa tourist places

Situated at the 19 km north of Panaji, Baga beach is the best Goa beach for those who want to be away from the buzz found on other beaches. Baga beach is the most famous beaches in Goa to enjoy the adventure of extreme water sports, stunning nightlife or beach parties along with the delicious plates of seafood. Located between the famous Calangute and Anjuna, Baga beach is the best beach in Goa to enjoy some quite instants and to reside in with someone in the serene ambiance. Opposite to Baga Beach, a beachfront property Baga beach resort is located. It is one of the best beach resorts in Goa having each having air-conditioner room with flat-screen television. These goa resorts provide many other facilities to its customer such as seating area, private lavatory outfitted with a shower, slippers. The area is one of the beloved Goa tourist places and is generally mobbed. Every year between September and November Baga beach hosts the National Wind Surfing Championship. Explore more the famous beaches in Goa surfing the banana boat rides and enjoy parasailing.

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Best time to visit Goa, Baga beach

Make goa trip and visit Baga beach at any time throughout the whole year. Anyhow, summer is the best time to visit Baga beach, the popular beaches in Goa. Avoid visiting during monsoon season due to the tidal waves that became impulsive and can interrupt you to perform any water activities.

Weather: 26°C to 32°C°C

Hotel Budget: 46$ to 145$

Things to do in Goa, Baga Beach

  • Nightlife
  • Karaoke
  • Water adventures
  • Authentic seafood in beach shacks

Hotels in Goa near Baga Beach

  • The Baga Marina Beach Resort & Hotel
  • Resort Rio
  • Keys Ronil Resort
  • The Baga Beach Resort


Mandrem Beach, North Goa

Mandrem beach_beaches in Goa

Located on the south of Arambol in the north Goa, Mandrem is the most beautiful beaches in Goa and probably the best beaches in Asia. It is the perfect Goa tourist places and a top pick for the couples and honeymooners looking for a quiet gateway. Head to the goa trip and walk to one of the best beaches in Goa, Manderana, famous for its fair sand sprinkled by beach shacks and a streak of beautiful palm trees all contribute to attracts a large number of tourists making it the Goa best beaches. It is the ideal Goa famous beach for visitors looking to get relieved from their daily life stress offering you peace, innovation, and relaxation in the company of nature and amazing views. Start your day with yoga at the early hours or by running on the beach. You will also discover some goa hotels and resorts near this goa beach. The beaches of Goa offer various amusing activities to visitors such as Dolphin spotting trips or watch animal life like crabs, kingfishers and white-bellied fish eagles which live at casuarinas trees at the Famous Mandrem beaches in Goa. End of the World Café for fish and Oasis are the good places to eat appetizing food and even the Market Madlamaz-Mandrem is at nearby the Mandrem beach, best beaches in Goa to obtain some food and drink. Some sightseeing in Goa Mandrem is Arambol and Vagator beach.

Best time to visit Goa, Mandrem Beach

The beach is often visited by the honeymoon couples since it is one of the calmest beaches of Goa. Throughout the month of November until March is the best time to visit Mandrem Beach.

Weather: 26°C to 35°C

Hotel Budget: 32$ to 126$

Things to do in Goa, Mandrem Beach

  • Bar & Clubs
  • Yoga sessions
  • Parasailing
  • Watersports

Best Hotels in Goa near Mandrem Beach

  • Hotel Delmon
  • Riva beach resort
  • Hotel Campal
  • Dolphin Beach Resort


Candolim Beach, North Goa

Candolim-Beach Beaches of Goa

Candolim beach located at the 13 km north of Panaji is the first beach that can be approached from the city. One of the best beaches in Goa that crowd with thousands of travelers from all over the world every year. It is the perfect place for sightseeing in goa that charm the visitors through its unspoiled scenic beauty and tranquil surrounding. Candolim too is the best beaches of Goa and remain the loveliest spot especially for honeymooners. Even though it seems to be similar to other beaches but still it stands apart from the other beaches in Goa. During Goa trip don’t miss to visit the most famous Goa beach as it will never fail to amaze you. Those who came to unwind, watch the lovely sunset view and get relaxed. Perform the various water sports activity in these best beaches of Goa like parasailing, windsurfing, and skiing. To enjoy the pleasing atmosphere get some massage and do some yoga and meditation. Also, enjoy the food at some best restaurants and shopping in the best beaches in Goa. Visit the major attraction of Candolim Beach i.e. Aguada fort, Candolim Church, Chapel of St. Lawrence. In these Goa best beaches you will find many Goa hotels and resorts that are too expensive so it’s better to stay in a guesthouse.

Best time to visit Goa, Candolim beach

Between Novembers to march, there is a slight chance of rain hence is the best time for planning your goa trip to the most famous beaches in Goa due to the calm weather. December is also a perfect period as there will be many festivals like Sunburn Festival which held for three days every year in the Goa famous beach. This time the charges of the hotels in Goa will be expensive due to the huge number of visitors.

Weather: 21°C to 30°C

Hotel Budget: 63$ to 171$

Things to do in Goa, Candolim Beach

  • Wind Surfing
  • Para Sailing & Water Skiing
  • Bump Rides & Banana Rides
  • Boating

Best Hotels in Goa near Candolim Beach

  • Godwin Hotel
  • Alor Grande Holiday Resort
  • Bougainvillea Guest House
  • Ginger Tree Beach Resort


Arambol Beach, North Goa

Arambol Beach_Goa trip

A small fishing village Arambol situated 50 km north side of Panaji includes Arambol beach (also known as Harmal beach) one of the most wonderful beaches in Goa. Make your Goa trip exciting by visiting the northernmost goa famous beach, Arambol which is regarded as one of the best beaches in Goa. It is the ideal goa tourist places for those seeking for calmness and serenity goa beach and draws lots of tourists from other beaches of Goa. The beach is like paradise for budget vacationers seeking for the beach vacation and budget lodging with other magnificent options such as stunning views and amazing food. Arambol offers several things to its visitors hence also perfect tourist places in goa for family vacations. Walk to the north and discover the various other wonderful sightseeing in Goa such as sweet water lake, stunning stone sculpture in a Banyan tree. Perform the well-known activities in Goa beach for which it is famous for, like kite surfing and paragliding, making it a perfect Goa tourist places and one of the best beaches of Goa. Generally, tourists spend their relaxation time on Goa beach Arambol by swimming in sea water, taking sunbaths, meditating, and yoga and strolling around the beaches in Goa.

Best time to visit Goa, Arambol Beach

The Goa beach attracts many locals and foreigners between Novembers to march during the winter season.

Weather: 20°C to 33°C

Hotel Budget: 50$ to 140$

Things to do in Goa, Arambol Beach

  • Paragliding
  • Night parties
  • Dolphin watching boat trips
  • Listen to live music

Best Hotels in Goa near Arambol Beach:

  • Lotus Sutra
  • Mawi Infinity Villa
  • Rai Resort
  • Casa D Calma


Calangute Beach, North Goa

calanguate_goa beach

Situated 2kms from the Baga beach, Calangute beach is one of the busiest and best beaches in Goa. Surrounded by the coconut and palm trees and its golden glittering sand, the Goa beach with its incredible splendor and allure is a way to heaven and is well-known as the Queen of Goa beaches. The Calangute beach is the famous Goa tourist places where backpackers from all over the world come and enjoy various sports activities, cafes, restaurants and markets. The goa beach is famous for its pubs and spectacular nightlife. The sightseeing in Goa near Calangute beach includes Baga Beach, Aguada Fort and Church of St. Alex. For food lovers the goa famous beach Calangute is like a paradise since the restaurants here serves Goan Food. Club and shacks serve up the seafood along with the mixed drinks and beer making it the best beaches of Goa for the foodies. This wonderful Goa tourist places is also known for water adventures like surfing, banana ride, and jet-skiing. A variety of Goa hotels, resorts or guest houses can be spotted around the Goa beach hence to stay in budget lodging near the beaches of goa will not create a problem for you.


Best time to visit Goa, Calangute Beach

One can visit the beach throughout the year but November to February is the best time to visit Goa Calangute beach due to the pleasing weather. Sometimes due to the heavy rainstorm, the water activities will be off during monsoon. A large number of tourists also spotted during winter months.

Weather: 24°C to 34°C

Hotel Budget: 50$ to 156$

Things to Do in Goa, Calangute Beach

  • Parasailing
  • Activities like spotting dolphin and crocodile
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife

Best Hotels in Goa near Calangute Beach

  • Hotel Calangute Towers
  • La Calypso Hotel
  • Hotel Goan Heritage
  • Colonia Santa Maria

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