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Tokyo (東京), the capital of Japan is the world’s most crowded city. Tokyo is very popular for Japan holiday as the city welcomes its visitors and offers outwardly by various choices of shopping, traditions, cuisine, and entertainments. There are various places to visit in Japan Tokyo, the major attractions are Asakusa that includes the superb museums and ancient temples, Harajuku and Omotesando attract the visitors for the city’s fashion ancestry, sleek shopping complexes are here in Marunouchi. Tokyo is paradise for foodies. Plan your Japan travel as there are several things to do in holidays, enjoy a variety of cuisines, Shopping is the another highlight, fill the empty luggage with excellent gadgets, garments, and jewels from the stores.



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Osaka (大阪), previously known as Naniwa was the first capital city of Japan. After Tokyo, Osaka is Japan’s second leading metropolitan region. Along with the marvelous cafes and nightlife, the city is the shopping hub for the Japan travelers. The popular places where the visitor should travel in Japan Osaka are Osaka Castle, Minami (Namba), Osaka Aquarium, universal studios, Osaka Castle etc. With about 3 million populace, Osaka holds the multi-ethnic voguishness with the charisma of the nation. One of the most familiar of Osaka is Umeda Sky Building which is 173 meters long. Visitors can leisurely walk and breathe the air around the building. Kailyukan Aquarium in Tempozan Harbor village is one of the prevalent unrestricted aquariums and is one of the well-liked destinations in Osaka.

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Hakuba Mura-Japan Holidays

Hakuba-mura (白馬), Located in the northern Japan Alps, is all about the winter sports. Hakuba is a perfect Japan travel destination having lots of snow and nearly perfect powder. The city is packed with snowboarding spots, ski slopes, and other winter activities. The place will draw the attention of tourists due to the reason of being one of the major hiking and skiing centers of Japan. It is best to travel Japan Hakuba-mura in winters. The top-notch ski area and marvelous mountains make Hakuba a much-loved travel destination in Japan for winter sports enthusiast and keen mountain hikers. There are various places and plenty of things to do in the city Hakuba Japan. Travel Japan and admire the stunning views from the astonishing slope Mt. Shirouma. It is the most famed mountain among native and foreigner tourists and is easily accessible from the metropolitan cities Tokyo and Osaka.



Takachho Gorge-Travel to Japan

Takachiho (高千穂), a city in northern Miyazaki Prefecture is believed to be a place of myth where the sun goddess, Amaterasu, hide in a cave due to the cruel pranks of her brother. It is also called as a power spot. The place defines the importance of religion and natural beauty. Bag packers can spend their holidays in Japan. Takachiho Gorge is a beautiful place where you should visit while visiting Takachicho. Here the main highlight is 17 meters high Manai falls. Visitors can enjoy the sights of four seasons in a 600 meter long walking track which is adorned by mountain cherry flourish, Japanese azaleas flowers and wisteria from spring till early summer. However, the place gets crowded by the people as it impresses the people with its panorama and is a very popular destination among the tourists.

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sapporo- Holidays in Japan

Sapporo (札幌), the capital of Hokkaido is a fifth largest city of Japan. The city recommends the whole thing you would like to get while spending your holidays in Japan. In spite of the harsh cold, the population in Sapporo gets literally doubled in February, drawing the worldwide visitors attention towards it due to the celebrated snow festival. For Japan travelers, the capital has more to offer than snow. Those looking for the variety of Japanese cuisine must visit the ramen enthused theme park, a place to pamper the foodies. Travel and spend your holidays in Japan Sapporo and take pleasure from the flourishing food, nightlife, shopping malls, and cafes, urban parks. These all places make this city for all seasons.

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