Best Cities to visit in Spain- Spain Holidays

Barcelona_Spain Holidays


Barcelona_Spain Holidays

Barcelona in Spain is the second largest city and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. From adults to the family travelers all are welcomed here to enjoy their holidays in Spain as the city has everything for everyone. There are a number of reasons for you to spend your Spain holidays in the jaw-dropping city of Barcelona. The city has the most appealing architecture approach and is the hub of home-made Catalan architecture. Barcelona seems to be both contemporary and modern at the same time that makes it a treasure of the city to visit. Enjoy Spain vacations by visiting eye-catching neighborhoods destinations like Pedralbes, Sant Andreu or Les Corts and explore the areas like Ciutat Vella and Sant Marti. Take pleasure visiting the Gaudi’s architecture, Barcelona History museum contemporary art and many other places. Barcelona has a wonderful Mediterranean climate. The city is also home to the most favorite soccer team of the world. Travel to Spain and visit the lovely beaches and diverse nightlife and it also features the best seafood in all Europe.



Madrid-Travel to Spain

The capital of Spain, Madrid is the largest and modern city that persists to grow every day. The city includes lots of buildings and chronological sites. Some major museums like Reina Sofia, Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza portray the city. Come and have Spain holidays and get pleasure from visiting various Palaces and boutique museums that contain the great compilation of art. The city has truly revamped itself in some past years. It has now become a perfect place for a city break or for the foreigners to travel to Spain. Take a trip and feel the liveliness of the historic neighborhoods and streets. Also, there are lots of things to do in Spain like luscious food, fashion, and nightlife. Some major attractions in Barcelona include Royal Palace or Palacio Real, Puerta Del Sol, Plaza Mayor, EI Retiro Park and Naval Museum.

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Granada-Spain Travel

Granada is a city having interesting past and extremely breathtaking sights. The place got severely hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter that’s why the best period to travel to Spain Granada is autumn and spring. The tomb of the Catholic sovereigns and Alhambra are the highlight or pride of Granada. The vision of the snow sparkling in the sunshine on the Sierra Nevada at the back of Alhambra is genuinely attractive. The city is well off with its past and spectacular architecture and is one of the much-loved cities for the Spain holidays. Granada has the exceptional mix of customs having stunning architectures, amazing foodstuffs and the vigorous energy unlike anywhere in the world. Spend your holidays in Spain exploring several museums, sculptures, and monuments. Other must visit attractions in Granada includes Mirador de San Nicholas, Sierra Nevada, Granada Cathedral and Albaicin.




Salamanca located in the western Spain is a must see city in Spain. Having its rich past and quite pleasing atmosphere, Salamanca gained acknowledgment and reputation for its prominent culture. It is the oldest city with a fascinating history where numerous styles of religious architecture can be found such as the Iglesia de San Juan de Barbalos convents of Santa Teresa and Las Claras. The city is famous for its stunning remarkable architecture and traditional buildings. It can be considered as one of the most beautiful where you can spend your Spain holidays. It is declared as the Unesco World Heritage site. The Residents here in Salamanca speaks purest Spanish in all over the Spain and it is also very popular destination for the students from all over the world who wants to learn Spanish. The streets of Barcelona are full of music dance and arts. The weather conditions in Salamanca are quite intense with frozen winter, hot summer, and rain. To enjoy the Salamanca’s vivacious environment walk off the university region and try out some cafes, restaurants, and bar there.

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Travel to Spain Seville

Seville in southern Spain is the inventive, civilizing and administrative capital of Andalucia. The city is full of times past, architecture and vibrant life and is famous for its flamenco, orange trees, and tapas bars. The city also includes some popular churches, great flamenco dancers, and meandering streets. Travel to Spain Seville and admire drifting various pathways past tremendous gardens and medley malls. Visit Seville in your Spain holidays to esteem the architecture style, stroll the historical places, experience the city’s wild nightlife and visit the second oldest minster in the world. Seville is one of the largest historical centers in Europe and houses the jewels like the Torre Del Oro, the General Archive of the Indies, and the Casa de Pilatos. The top attractions of Seville are Iglesia de San Isidoro, Parque de Maria Luisa, Cathedral of Sevilla, historic Jewish Quarter, Flamenco Museum etc.

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