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Tamarind Falls

TamarindFalls- Mauritius travel

Located in the South West Mauritius, Tamarind fall is one of the natural sensations of the Mauritius. Tamarind waterfall generally called as 7cascades, adds up the beauty to the Mauritius as a tourist destination. There are various places to visit in Mauritius where bag Packers can travel and spend their vacations. Tamarind waterfall is one of these which is blessed with serene surrounding which makes it more attractive along with the impressive greenery. Plan Mauritius tour in your vacations and enjoy various activities like canyoning and hiking. Nature lovers will be in love with this place with its breathtaking views of rivers, mountains, forests, and waterfalls. Undoubtedly, this is the one of the most stunning and calmest Mauritius travel destination.

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Port Louis

Port louis- Mauritius your

The island’s capital and largest city Port Louis is slot between the mountains background and the Indian Ocean. The city is most popular as it brings together the modernity and customs of Mauritius. The town is full of nature and slightly faded elegance. Port Louis is a city having its own charm. The major reason for the visitors to travel Mauritius is sun and sea, attention-grabbing museums and entertaining Mauritius tour. To feel the charm of real Mauritius it is must for the visitor to have an insight of Port Louis. The city attracts the tourists with the majestic and chronological buildings, mountains and deep blue sea. You can visit several other places in Port Louis spending Mauritius vacations, Lee Caudan Waterfront, China Town, Citadelle, Corner house and travel to many other Mauritius destinations.


Gabriel Island

 Gabriel Island- Mauritius vacation

Gabriel Island, also known as Îlot Gabriel is situated at the north Mauritius. The island is well famed for its stunning pure beach having clear water that surrounds the entire island. Make your Mauritius vacation memorable by cruising on Catamaran. In your Mauritius tour at Gabriel Island, enjoy spectacular panorama, have the benefit of seafaring through sparkler clear water, travel around the marine line, and snorkel within lagoons and enjoy the luscious cuisine and bar services. The place is popular for the snorkelers as well as it also offers great dive sites. Planning Mauritius travel and visiting the Island is a real leisure and fun on one of the most beautiful islands of Mauritius. You will find the sun beds, massage facilities, water activities and much more services.

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Trou Aux Cerfs

trou aux cerfs-Mauritius travel

A 65-meter high domant volcano Trou Aux Cerfs is located in Curepipe and is considered as the main attractions of Mauritius. The crater is nearly 350m in diameter and 80m deep. You can watch the stunning view of Mauritius Island from the view point of the crater. Trou Aux Cerfs, also known as Murr’s Volcano is a popular destination for the Mauritius travelers as well as for local people. There is a perimeter road around the edge of the crater which is popular with walkers and local joggers for some exercise. Take a Mauritius tour and visit Curepipe enjoy the sights of the magnificent volcano. There are benches for the visitors to enjoy the views and also have some amenities including refreshment stands. This is a must visit place you should watch while spending your Mauritius vacation.

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Chamarel Park

chamarel park- Mauritius tour

Chamarel Park, the seven colored earth is a natural experience and a famous tourist attraction. It has a small area of sand banks in which sand includes the seven diverse colors i.e. violet, red, purple, yellow, green, red and brown. The colors evolved through the adaptation of basaltic lava to clay minerals. The best to see the colored hills is sunrise. The colored earth is now the famous Mauritius travel destination for the tourists due to scenery attraction. The place is quite rare indeed, Mauritius is well named for its beaches which are an obvious thing to do but visiting caramel is another pleasurable experience. You will get to see the stunning view of adjacent falls and the thriving vegetation all around while visiting the park. Also, there is another attraction in Chamarel, the waterfall of Chamarel, a truly beautiful waterfall which is considered as the best in Mauritius.

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