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Swiss Travel Pass

The Swiss travel pass allows you to travel unlimited on Swiss train, buses, waterways and boats throughout the Switzerland tourism. Enjoy many bonus advantages from the pass by just a single ticket. The Single Travel Pass is accessible for 3, 4, 8 or 15 days. The Swiss travel pass is available only for the visitors or non-habitants of the Switzerland or Liechtenstein who came to visit Switzerland and explore more about the country and its sights using public transport system. Swiss Rail Pass is the key to the public transport network for foreign guest to explore Switzerland from end to end. Having Swiss Travel Pass in your bag represents the ideal rail pass which lets you travel in Switzerland tourism. An identity card or passport must be shown while purchasing a pass.

Services Provided by the Swiss Travel Pass

  • Together with Swiss Pass and Swiss Flexi Pass it offers inexpensive all-in-one tickets
  • This single ticket provides affordable services to the visitors for 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days.
  • Unlimited travel in public transport systems like rail, buses, and boats.
  • The Pass includes picturesque routes, local trams, and transport in 75 cities.
  • Get the benefit of 50% reduction on most of the mountain railways and cable cars.
  • The Swiss travel pass includes Swiss Museum Park permits free access to more than 500 exhibitions and museums.
  • Mountain excursions to Rigi, Schynige Platte, and Pilatus during Switzerland holidays.
  • Free travels for children under 16 with parent or guardian during Switzerland tourism with complementary.
  • Adults below the age of 26 are allowed to the Swiss Youth Pass, with the 15% discount on the normal price.
  • 50 % discount for those children who are not accompanied by parents.

Importance of Swiss Travel Pass

Now, the Swiss Pass is now labeled as Swiss Travel Pass. It offers some great benefits to the guests; it is a premium rail pass for Switzerland travel. Use it without worrying about the conversion rates. Wherever you go during your Switzerland tourism you have never to wait in line at ticket counters for the tickets or anything else if you have the Swiss Travel Pass which permits you the unlimited throughout the country on the Swiss Travel System.

Buy Swiss rail pass

Make your Switzerland tourism convenient buy the Swiss rail pass online as it saves time and often money too. The Prices of Pass is based on exchange rates and can fluctuate per seller. Anyone can purchase Swiss train pass online since these are available are on various websites or it can be purchased from staffed railway stations. Don’t miss your passport or identity card while purchasing Swiss train pass in Switzerland.

You can also purchase the Swiss train pass locally from the web shops of Swiss railways. Many train passes can be printed at home. It is an ideal manner to achieve the pass, you don’t need to visit the ticket office nor have to wait for the shipment. It’s the best way to board your first train and enjoy Switzerland holidays.

Book your Swiss rail pass to get excellent transport system and discover the beautiful Switzerland comfortably by train, bus or boat

Swiss rail tickets

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The Swiss rail tickets recommend the visitors to travel the various places to visit in Switzerland together with Luzerne, Bern, Basel, and Zurich. Switzerland is famous for its natural beauties such as splendid mountains, magnificent lakes, natural wonders and its panoramic view. Buy the Swiss rail tickets and see all these attractions by the rail services as it is the best way to enjoy on the Switzerland tourism. Visit Switzerland in holidays and watch the outstanding towns having magnificent views sandwiched between the popular routes of the train journey. Have leisure from with a number of tourist activities such as river-rafting, sky-diving or skiing during Switzerland holidays. Through these marvelous sceneries of lakes, snow-capped mountains all along the way the visitors will know why the Swiss Rail tickets are must for them.

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