5 Popular and Best holiday destinations in the world

Some places in the world are indisputably brilliant, certainly spectacular, that anyone can fall in love with these kinds of places at first sight. These are the ultimate Best holiday destinations whether if they are beaches or cities. Here is the list of the top 5 most popular and good holiday destination from all around the world to enjoy your vacations.

Paris, France


Paris, the capital of France is the best and most popular holiday destination for the travelers to travel. It is the home to haute couture, work of art, structural design, and the temple of fine dining. Paris is well-known for many of its attraction like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Dame and for being a universal fashion hub. Paris is commonly known as the city of lights because of its leading role in the age of Enlightenment and actually because it was one of the first Europian city to approve gas street lighting. The tourists actually fall in love with the city’s appealing cafes, vivacious markets, and trendy shopping districts. The marvelous cuisine and the vast art collections also deserve some credit to attract the travelers. Paris is also known as the City of love or City of romance as millions of people come to Paris to spend some romantic time. To spend your holidays, Paris is one of the most popular and top destinations in the world where tourist come to spend their vacations.

Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong is the good city for a tour. The place is worth visiting for its exceptional customs. This country is made of various islands. There are many questions that can lift in the mind of foreigners, like “is it a part of China?” or “Do they speak Mandarin or English?” and many more questions like that. Here English and Chinese are the official language and currency is Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). China and Hong Kong are viewed as one country but Hong Kong added certain stipulations that offer a unique degree of autonomy to the Hong Kong. Hong Kong differs from Chinese brethren like Beijing and China with its effervescent, multifaceted traditions and spectacular cityscapes. Hongkong is the best and top holiday destination where tourist can visit the smaller Disney parks, HK Disneyland which is a lot of fun and the must visit place for the travelers who are a kid at their heart and the rollercoaster rides are arguably the best ride. In Hong Kong, whether it is an ancient temple or a latest electronic gadget shop everything is new and unique which makes it more beautiful and a good place for the visitors to spend their holidays.

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London, United Kingdom


London is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world. Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, the major sites of London are most visited places. There are numerous art galleries and museums in the London and majority of them are free to enter. Also, there are many parks in London including Green Park, Hampstead Heath Park, and St. James Park, Hyde Park for the visitors to scroll, rest and relax in. London is also known as the Forest City, it got its nickname for the reason that the Thames River flows through the capital creating heaps of park and green space. It is one of those cities which are persistently changing with the new and exhilarating things budding up almost every day. London has held such a sweet-spot and a good holiday destination for all the time. There are so many things for travelers to see and do in London.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, is a top and the best destination for holidays. It is a stunning and bustling city with a lot of things to do and see. Rio impresses the tourists with its modern outlook that replicate its development through the times of yore. The great historic places like Paco Imperial and Candelaria Church are incredibly eye catching and are the best places for the travelers to visit in their holidays. Luminous beaches, green belts, and its delighted attitude hold the tourists from the world where heaven meets the earth. Rio is one of the best and interesting spots in the world for hang out in the holidays. Rio’s carnival attracts thousands of tourists around the world with its effervescent samba dancing. The rainforests, beaches, gardens, museums and the glitz of the city also get some credit to make Rio what it is today. Rio offers its tourists at all hours more than the imagination. Whatever you are traveling for, Rio is a most excellent and good holiday paradise.

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Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, in South Africa, is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in the world. The place is a good destination for the tourists to visit in their vacations. Here you can watch whales and dolphins from the top of the Table Mountain which is the most glorious natural wonder and can watch stunning views. In Cape Town, you can also enjoy a trip to one of the many vineyards and taste some wine produced in the world today. The historic prison, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held, is a must visit place for any tourist in vacations. Cape Town is fondly regarded by the visitors and is the best holiday destination as it is the prettiest city in the world due to its iconic blend where the city meets the sea and nature plays a vital part in the lives of local. Cape Town has a cool metropolitan frame, brilliant art galleries, world-rated restaurants, design-savvy stores which are the city’s inmate beauty.

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