5 Most Dangerous Places in the world

Dangerous destination snake island

There are really some places that take your breath away for their beauty but you wouldn’t want to go off for your vacation as they are very terrifying. Here are the 5 most dangerous places in the world you should think twice to take your vacation there. They are extremely beautiful places but unexpectedly very dangerous places in the world.

Mount Washington, USA


The Slope of Mount Washington is known as the most dangerous mountain in the world. The peak of Mt. Washington holds the world record for the fastest wind on the surface of the earth. Here the highest recorded wind speed is 203 miles per hour or 327 km/hr. The continuous heavy snowfall and the freezing temperature can make Mount Washington a very dangerous and hazardous as they possibly can be. It is the highest peak in the northeastern United States and is one of the deadliest peaks in the world. The weather of Mount Washington is very extreme. Even it’s a sunny warm day in the area the traveler will discover that the summit is likely freezing. The highest temperature recorded at the summit is 72 °F. Each summer more than quarter million people visit the summit.

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Death Valley, USA

death valley

Death Valley, the largest national park in the United States, is the hottest and one of the dangerous places in the earth. It is a very beautiful place but very dangerous extremes. On the months of winter, this place can be dangerously cold. In this park, weather can change very quickly. Rainstorm in the mountains can bring into being sudden flooding in the bottom of the valley. Due to the extreme heat in Death Valley, many people have killed in the past. You will risk your life if you do not honor this extreme typical weather. Here people can survive only 14 hours without water. Death Valley, the dangerous place on the earth, does not pardon those people who are not cautious or careful. It is a massive place which is extended more than 225 km transversely the southern division of the state of California

Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island), Brazil


Ilha de Queimada Grande is one of the beautiful places in Brazil, located about 90 miles off the Sao Paulo Coast. It is the world’s most dangerous island where most of the people never dream of going there. The island Ilha de Queimada Grande is commonly known as Snake Island as it is infested with the golden lancehead vipers which are the deadliest snakes in the whole world. The snakes on the island exist in high density that in every square meter area a snake will be discovered. Hence the place is very dangerous for the visitors to visit. A single bite or venom of the snake can kill a person in under an hour. Still, after getting the treatment in time there are 4-5% chances for a victim to die. Because of the imminent danger, the Brazilian government banned all the trips to the island. But most of the hunters raid illegally to capture the susceptible snakes.

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Madidi National Park, Bolivia


Madidi National Park is a tropical forest paradise located in the upper Amazon River basin of Bolivia. This park is home to a record-breaking number of species and is the largest protected area in Bolivia. It contains a large population of various wildlife species such as maned wolf, giant otter, military macaw, jaguar, vicuna, Andean Condor and much more. At first glance, this park looks very pleasing, but it is actually very dangerous place. It is also a home to the most toxic and aggressive fauna in the world. You can get harsh itching, rashes, and dizziness if you get a touch in contact with any of the plant. So, be cautious while choosing a destination for your vacations.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

lake natron

Lake Natron in Tanzania is the most beautiful and serene water body in Africa. It might give the impression of being extraterrestrial landscape but in reality, it is the photograph of Lake Natron in Tanzania. The soluble salt crust on the face of the lake is so dangerous that all living being departs its life simply on coming into contact with it. For this obvious reason, the swimming in this lake is exclusively prohibited. The solid fragrance of hydrogen sulfide approaching from the lake’s surface wouldn’t permit you to admire the stunning and incredible view for long.

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