Best microphones for streaming

Streams are very popular today, and it is one of the cornerstones of modern pop culture. Online broadcasts are conducted about everything from the most popular games and competitions on them, and to communication on highly specialized topics. But in any case, there are several common factors that determine the choice of equipment for a given equipment niche. For example, high sound quality is imperative. Further we suggest to consider some popular best models of microphones for streams.


Check this expert-level solution that may be an object of interest musicians as well. By using it, anyone can make an instrument or vocal recording simply. This is the great solution for making studio tasks of any purpose. Management is via controls is placed above the 3.5 mm connector.

The model is characterized by a cardioid orientation with no working delays. The frequency ranges of 20 - 20000 Hz. There’s also a pop filter as an addition.

Samson Meteor

This is a simple but useful tool for streamers who need an inexpensive mic. It is worth noting that the model has very dimensions of 76x127x152 mm and it can be located in very compact conditions. The mic has a simple stand to place everywhere. Sound will be recorded in 16-bit resolution with a sampling frequency of 44.1 / 48 kHz. It also has useful volume controls for itself and additional external microphones. The mic can be linked with any USB device, and it also has a 3.5 mm connector.

Shure MV5

This option is for those who want to transit a sound to others in a perfect way. The model has three preset DSP modes, and it also has an integrated headphone out so that the user can listen and hear the voice during the work. Everyone have the chance to customize any types of sounds in real time according to their preferences with additional tools. It is also created to such purpose as to connect with Iphone and iPad and there’s no need to use any adapters. The microphone also works with gain in automode, compression and equalizer to ensure the best results. That is why the Shure MV5 is great for very one who are just starting to use high-end microphones. It is lightweight and compact.

HyperX Quadcast

Another great choice for a streamer, podcast or youtuber, who need an uncompromisingly high-quality solution. The model is quite expensive and complete beginners can ignore it. But here it is represented by a huge range of functions that will greatly facilitate the work with voice. For example, the device has a vibration-blocking shock mount that eliminates any third-party screens and shocks, keeping the sound clean.

In addition, there are also 4 radiation patterns to choose from so that the user can fully control the sounds. The user can mute the sound with a simple quick press.


We made a small selection of models, but every beginner and experienced streamer will be able to find here the best option for their goals. However, market offers can be studied much deeper to find more accurate options in terms of price, quality and functionality.

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