Gazebos of various styles

There are gazebos of various styles, sizes and specific solutions. You сhoose a specific type when you understand the purpose of using it . A tent type gazebo is when you have a one time arrival of guests..If you want to have your gazebo all year round you should choose aluminum or wood frame type. There is no an ideal shape for a gazebo. Square and rectangular types are more popular among homeowners because they are easy to place in your yard and they are the great choice to install on a patio, seating area, or even to cober a hot tub. Rectangular gazebos can come in different sizes Wood and aluminum are the typical structure materials as they can last for a long time.

Hardtop arbors have a roof made of aluminum or polycarbonate panels. Soft uppers are made from PVC or polyethylene based materials. As a rule, you can use a hard and soft roof pergola all year round. Additional coverage may include a number of features that make them more convenient to use. Mosquito nets, curtains and double roof structures provide comfort and protection. For gazebos, there are several options for built-in insect screens. This mesh protects against mosquitoes, moths, without blocking the view and fresh air. They may have additional hanging hooks for attaching netting or curtains.

Curtains protect from rain and UV rays of the active sun, as well as all kinds of insects. In addition, the gazebo can be easily transformed into a secluded place. When open, the curtains can be tied up to cover the posts, giving the gazebo a more luxurious look. Be aware that additional accessories such as curtains or nets may need to be removed during wet or windy conditions to prevent damage. The double roof structure provides better airflow without sacrificing protection. These gazebos have a roof with a small gap at the top for fresh air. The second part of the roof covers the main roof to keep rain and snow out.

Stability of a structure.

Stability and durability are the two important components of safety you should have discussed before choosing your gazebo type. Hard tops are usually stronger than soft tops. Their wood or hard metal roofs are more durable than fabric roofs. Hard top gazebos also don't run the risk of sagging or falling in heavy rain or snow. Gazebos include a number of features to ensure their sturdy construction. Elements such as vents allow gusts of wind to pass through without rattling on the roof . Built-in drains and sloped structures divert water away from the gazebo.

Assembly Type

A lot of installation options include ready-to-install kits with pre-cut and drilled parts for easy assembly. Consider your skill level - while many of these kits are designed for home installers, they will require two or more people to assemble. Do not hesitate hiring a professional installer if necessary. And it is recommended that you consult with your building department.

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