A White Christmas, Guaranteed

Snow has become synonymous with Christmas – we see it in every movie and on every Christmas card. Streets are lined with mounds of fluffy, white snow throughout the festive season, making for picturesque moments. However, there actually aren’t that many places in the world that enjoy white Christmases. Sure, it snows in plenty of destinations, but not many of them see snowfall over the festive season. Instead, snow can be expected a month or two after.

This tends to ruin the magic of Christmas a bit, but if you’re willing to travel for a bit of snow for Santa to park his sleigh on, then consider visiting one of the following destinations:

Salzburg, Austria

Austria’s beautiful Salzburg is set in a valley. The Salzach River runs through this valley, giving this traditional European city a gorgeous edge. Adding to this is the fact that Salzburg is situated at the base of the mountains, which adds something extra to an already scenic destination. Every winter, snow covers the mountain’s peaks and surrounding fields.

Every Christmas, nativity displays can be found in abundance, while night markets light up the streets. Here, you’ll be able to find lovely ornaments and enjoy a steaming cup of mulled wine. This is, after all, the birthplace of Mozart, so you can also expect plenty of classical music concerts and carol performances too.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi in Finland is the ultimate Christmas winter wonderland! This location is truly magical, which comes as no surprise seeing as how it’s home to Santa Claus and all of his helpers as well. Tourists can visit Santa’s home all year round – it’s never closed and you’re always welcome. During the winter months, you can also pay a visit to Santa’s post office, where his elves are very busy sorting through all the mail from around the world. Other activities on offer include a reindeer sled ride and snowmobile safaris.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is Quebec’s largest city. Predominantly French speaking, this destination celebrates Christmas unlike any other. Celebrations start in November, with an annual parade, and continue for the rest of the festive season. One of the best things about Montreal at Christmastime is the incredible number of outdoor activities for you to take part in. Pack warm clothes, as you can enjoy everything from skiing to ice-skating. The city is also always adorned with some of the world’s most magical Christmas light displays, decorations and trees to set the tone for a memorable Christmas break.

The French Alps

The French Alps make for a truly wonderful winter destination, and you are guaranteed a white Christmas every year! Most resorts in the area sit at a minimum of 1600 metres above sea level. Snow falls throughout December and carries on into the early new year. All of the cute village houses are complemented by the surrounding snow-capped mountains, making for a truly picture-perfect destination where you can stay in and play at Grand Rush Casino, or head out and explore the snowy wonderland. The location is great for family holidays and for avid skiers – there is always plenty to do and see in the French Alps!

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